Burnt mobo from bad psu - is everything safe to reuse?

hello all
been awhile but i hope im in the right section :sweat:

off section (psu related) :ange: : I went to turn on my pc i built today and as i done so the power supply I have made some "not so pleasant" noises (tick tick tick - but loud - like a car trying to start) and the pc refused to turn back on.

back to this section (mobo related) :??: : As quick as I could I checked over the mobo to find what had gone wrong and i found that the 24 pin connector from the psu had (no sh**) melted a few of the pins. the motherboard was all singed around the 24 pin Port.

:cry: this has scared the Fu** out of me and im quite concerned about the other components on the board. I cant check them my self as most are all water cooled and i kind of had a bit of a leak as I took the cards and stuff out of the computer ( some things got wet - its all premixed coolants) and im letting them dry (took all the blocks off them)

Would everything still be usable - there dosnt seem to be any visible damage to anything (besides from the coolant) there is at least $3000 - $4000 worth of electronic stuff in it.

If this sounds like its in the wrong section im sorry - i just thought, you know, bad motherboard it might fit in here

my profile should have my pc specs if it dosnt appear at the bottom of this post
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  1. If just the motherboard have burnned then the the rest of the parts can be ok. And you can reuse them.
  2. oh thats a relief, even if they dont work, that takes a slight load of my mind untill i can rebuild.

    would anyone know (again wrong section, doi) why my psu might have done this?
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