Problem: Artifacts on screen + no 3D rendering


I have a problem with the video side of my custom made system which causes artifacts on the screen as well as windows device manager error 43 plus i can't run any 3d applications.

This started quite a while ago when i was running Starcraft 2 on max graphics with a Geforce 9800GX2 and my computer froze, spreading artifacts all over the screen and crashing. When i rebooted i had artifacts all over the screen and i couldn't start any 3d applications without the system crashing.

The 9800 GX2 i was running would idle at 100 degrees Celsius which isn't healthy, so i assumed that the card had just burnt out and broken.

So i got a new card, a GTX 470, and when i booted I still had the same problems as with the 9800GX2. So I then thought that the motherboard was damaged because of the high temperatures of the GX2 and replaced the motherboard and with that, the CPU.

Still the same troubles - no 3d, error 43 and artifacts on the screen. So I then put the GX2 back into the new motherboard to see what would happen. The result was like an extreme version of what was happening with the GTX 470: artifacts all over the screen and a checker box rainbow coloured pattern across the display.

I made the connection, thinking that the high power draw of the 9800GX2 was causing extreme artifacts, and that the lower power draw of the GTX 470 was causing less severe problems.

So i found the lowest power draw card i had, a non PCIe card, and put it into the system. Everything worked totally fine with stable performance. The problem was that its a really slow and old card and has bad frame rates.

So now i think that the problem is the power supply and that it can no longer handle PCIe cards. What do i do?
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums
    What are your other system specs ?(including PSU)
  2. CPU: Intel core i5 760 processor

    Motherboard: MSI P55 GD85

    RAM: 2 x Corsair Dominator 2GB DDR3 + 2 x Corsair XMS3 1GB

    SSD: Corsair Performance SSD 128GB

    PSU: Zalman MZ850-HP 850 watt Heat pipe power supply

    Current working GPU: Geforce 6200 Turbochache

    Desired GPU: Gefore GTX 470
  3. Are you sure that the power connectors to the Graphics card are fine?
  4. No i'm not sure, i'll get some new ones and test again.
  5. Well I got new cables and still the exact same problem... the problem remained so i got a new power supply, a 650 watt cooler master extreme power plus. Installed it and plugged everything in and still the same problem.

    So it wasn't the power supply or the pci e cables, not the motherboard or anything else i thought that was causing the problem. The only thing i can think of now is that somehow when i plugged my new graphics card (gtx 470) into the old motherboard (before i replaced it) the card was damaged or fried.
  6. Try the usual clean install of windows updated drivers chipset the lot.

    make sure ya mobo bios is upto date.

    Still no joy then I'd be looking at your PSU, sounds like it's not giving stable voltages.
  7. I have fixed the problem. It was completely the power supply. It must have worn out from heavy use and damaged my graphics cards via the pci interface. Anyway i replaced it and everything works fine. Thanks for the help!
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