My new apple wireless computer cant fax

i bought an apple 10.6 computer and is saying no modem configuration.I used to fax withmy imac g5. this one is wireless and i have a phone line connected to my hp printer/fax but i can'tfax from my computer.any help
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  1. The iMac G5s came with a v.92 56k modem (which is what's needed to send faxes directly from the computer). The newer ones do not come with one standard. Apple used to sell USB modems, but stopped in 2009. You can still find them, but are kind of expensive. You can find cheaper USB modems at sites like or, just make sure they're Apple compatible.

    Your other option of course, is your HP printer/fax. I'm not too familiar with them, but you'll likely have to install the software that came with the device onto your computer, and there should be further instructions in there or the manual for it.
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