Problems with new build

Hi all. Just built a new system and have encountered a couple of problems. Build looks like:

Asus p8p67 Pro MOBO
i7 2600K CPU
Gigabyte gtx580 (Windforce Ver) GPU
Samsung 1TB F3 Spinpoint HD
4 GB Kit Corsair DDR3 1600 XMS3
Antec TP750 PSU
Windows 7 64 Home Premium
Coolermaster CM 690 II Adv Case

Problem 1
Initially I could not get the system to post. When I pushed the power button, the CPU Cooler fan and gtx580 fans would twitch (move just a tiny bit) and nothing. After scratching my head for a while I disconnected the 4 pin connector cable that is part of the molex cable that has the 3 case fans connected to it from the mobo and system boots up no problems. All the case fans are working, but interestingly the led in the front fan doesn't come on? I have tried disconnecting and reconnecting in different configurations, but so long as the 4 pin connector on the end is plugged into CHA_Fan1 on the mobo, the system won't boot.

Problem 2
With the system up and running, before windows loads I get a message that flashes up on the screen very breifly "Hard drive not detected" then Windows continues to load. I am hoping I have overlooked something embarrassingly simple with this problem.

Thanks to anyone who takes the time to read over this post... I really appreciate any help.
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    1. Fans should have 1 connection. Power them off the mobo or off the molex, not both. It sounds like you are trying to connect the floppy power cable to the MoBo. The CHA_1 connector is a "Power out" not a "Power In".

    Only the 20+4 pin and the EPS 12v pins should be connected to the MoBo. Fans w/ 3 pin power connectors go to CHA_1, CHA_2 etc., Otherwise they use molex connectors.

    2. Ignore the message. That typically comes up when you're loading a RAID driver , SATA3 or SCSI driver and you don't have a HD on those connections.
  2. Thanks a bunch Jack. All sorted!
    You are an asset to the community :)

    Feel like I should be back in builders kindergarten after this one... Wanna know why the led on the front fan wasn't coming on... button on the top of the case on/off.

    Interesting how that molex cable hard wired to the PSU has the 4 pin connector for the mobo on the end of the the chain?

    Now... lets give this puppy a work out!
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