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MB + RAM + CPU Cooler


I currently own an AMD Phenom II 955BE CPU paired with an ASUS M3A78Pro motherboard and 4GB of DDRII. I want to go for an AM3+ motherboard to switch to DDRIII and do some OC.
I know these questions have been asked before (probably not all of them in the same thread), but what MB, RAM (I'm thinking 16GB) and CPU cooler would you recommend? It would be especially helpful if those that went for a similar configuration could give me some feedback.

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  1. The AMD Phenom II 955BE won't run DDR3-1600 unless you OC the FSB -> 240MHz or CPU-NB Frequency -> 2400MHz.

    MOBO's, if you're looking at AM3+ then IMO you should also look at a good one and one with the AMD 990FX chipset.

    MOBO's -

    RAM, the CPU you have requires some BIOS modifications for RAM run at DDR3-1600, and the problem is the newer FX runs native DDR3-1866. I've found DDR3-1866 running at DDR3-1333 'SPD' for many kits to be another problem, but they can run DDR3-1600 easier.

    RAM (DDR3-1333 & DDR3-1600 & DDR3-1866) -

    HSF AM3+:
    CM Hyper 212 EVO -
    Noctua NH-D14 -
    Backplate - -
  2. Thank you all for your (great) responses. I opted for 16GB of RAM because I will use the PC mainly for flying simulators (FSX, and MS Flight, maybe coming this year).
    I think I'll go for:
    RAM: or

    As for the cooler, I'm not sure yet. Noctua is a little expensive for my pocket, so I think I'll buy the 212+ or some similar-priced thermalright/scythe cooler.

    Thanks again.
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    I would opt for the Vengeance and the CM 212+ for it's price to performance is unbeatable, BUT it's not AM3+ compatible; instead the CM Hyper 212 EVO -
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