As Promised, 480 GTX w/ Water cooling + Temps

Well A LONGGGGGG time ago, I posted a thread asking some questions about the 480 and liquid cooling. Well I finally got a chance to do it with a new case (old 1 was falling apart). Here are some pictures and temps will follow soon, I just need to Upload them:)

Old Case:

New Case Setup: (Don't mind the wiring, its done quick because frankly I've been working on it for hours to make sure airflow is done well and tried to figure out where the HECK I am putting the giant rad.

I currently Do have a 580 GTX sitting around at my cousins, but frankly I did some overclocking with the card on air and managed to push out 20% out of the 480 I wonder if its better to just sell the 580 GTX and wait for next gen:S

Anyways tell me what you think! :bounce:
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  1. And Temps

  2. Very nice. I love it. What's the case BTW? Great OC @4.3 on the 920.
  3. Awesome as usual L1qu1d. What are you using to stress the card in that screenshot? And just out of curiosity, is that CPU stressed in that shot as well? (If so, very nice temps).

    The main benefit of the 580 (for a watercooled setup) is the better memory controller. From my tests, the memory controller on the 470/480 is not that great. I like using the OCCT error test for GPU OCes, and my GTX470 would get errors quickly if the GPU mem was not at or below stock speeds (especially when core overclocked). Temps on mine are surprisingly good for air cooling - about 71C max in Furmark/OCCT.

    Need another shot of inside the case though :D I think your bright monitor somewhat overpowered and confused your camera. Now we just need the OC results :bounce:
  4. I was folding@ home, oOps forgot to mention that:P and int he GPUZ screenshot u can see that 99% of the Gpu is stressed:D

    I couldn't fit the 450 GTS in the case as well unfortunately, everything is so jam packed. When Iget around to organizing it again, I'll fit it in for PhysX:)

    Thank you very much for the comment.

    I'll OC the card Right after a couple of rounds of BF BC 2:D

    As for your CPU question, no it wasn't it was about 2-10% stress on and off so basically Idle. Its a weird CPU heatsync, because it doesn't go higher than 77 degrees when Stressed. But when i am not folding at all, the CPU temp will go down to 33 Degrees, so I dont know why it was so high lol.

    Your Wish is my command:

  5. Looks a fantastic setup :D and a great OC too.
  6. Is that the NZXT Phantom?
  7. Nice!! :) I'll buy your GTX 580 for $200 US. How about them apples? lol j/k.

    Seriously though, a water cooled and OC'd 480 is going to rock. But still, I'd sure be tempted to put in that GTX 580 were it me!
  8. Yup its the phantom :P

    I think I'll wait till there is a water block for the 580 GTX, and swap them, and then put the 480 gtx in my secondary and keep that computer for folding and stuff:)
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