Xbox with internet access but no Xbox live access

Hi Guys,

I have a problem with my xbox360 connectivity.
I used to connect to Xbox live using a wired connection to my router and everything worked fine.
now I got another wireless router that is being used in WDS configuration with the old one.

when I run the network test on the xbox it shows that the network and the internet connections are ok, but it can't connect to the live network.
I would like to add that i can stream files to my xbox regularly and i thought it has something to do with port forwarding that I didn't do well.

Any way, the main router is also the DHCP server and the xbox' ip is static with all the ports (80 3079) being forwarded to it. I disabled the DHCP server on the second router.
the main router is Linksys wrt54gl running tomato and the second one is an Edimax br-6204wg.

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    Netgear Wireless Router

    Xbox wireless would recognize the network but would not connect to XBOX live or Netflix.

    Updated Firmware on Netgear router.
    Xbox did not like WPA security only.
    The firmware gave me WPA2 availability.
    Set up network wireless with WPA2 and everything worked.
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