Build will not post, no video, no beeps+other symptoms

Hi everyone,

After I decided to reapply thermal grease to my CPU, these problems arose.

-No video
-No sounds
-No Post or beeps
-Cannot power off without switching off the power supply

What I have tried:

Reseating the Ram one by one
Trying to boot without any ram
Reseated graphics card
Reseated CPU and heatsink
Reset CMOS multiple times

At this point I really do not know what to do... Can anybody tell me what the problem most likely is?

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  1. Anyone please?
  2. Follow this:

    After you complete checklist in it's entirety come back, please post complete system specs
  3. I've done all the number steps to no avail..


    AMD Phenom II 965 C3
    Cooler Master 212+ Cooler
    Gskill ddr3 1333mhz ram
    OCZ 600W power supply
    NZXT m59 Case
    Gigabyte 770TA-UD3 mobo

    Once again, the power button will not turn the computer off, have to use the switch on the power supply

  4. my guess is psu, which ocz 600w psu
  5. Would everything spin up if the PSU was bad? (My case fans, my gpu fan all spin up and cpu+motherboard gets slightly warm)
  6. Your PSU could still be bad, but we know it is at least supplying power
  7. Would that also explain why the power button only works for turning on and not off? Or would this be something else.

    Thanks for the help
  8. Did you follow the manual for putting in the front wires to the mobo?
  9. Yes I did, the power button works for turning the computer on but not off after the computer refuses to post.
  10. Just ordered another PSU (Thermaltake Toughpower series) If the computer continues these symptoms what should I look at next?
  11. Just replaced the psu, same symptoms...... power button still will not shut down the no post computer, only turns on. Is it more likely the cpu or the motherboard?
  12. X-2:

    I have a very similar condition. On a new pc I finished about a week ago, my mobo (Asus Rampage Formula III) only sees 8gb of the 12 gb of RAM installed (but no other problems). I read that simply resetting the CPU often fixed that problem, so I remove the Corsair cooler installed, reset the CPU, and replaced everything. Now it won't POST at all, no beeps, no CPU LED--although all the fans run fine. After reading your post and some other threads, I wonder if the problem might be between the CPU and the heatsink--I think I maybe was a little too careless about removing the old paste and replacing it evenly. It seems that sometimes makes the CPU refuse to work. Tomorrow I'll try replacing the paste and reasssembling the thing, and let you know if that helped.

    For anyone else--if my CPU had been "fried", would that leave visible damage? Because when I checked it again all the contacts looked fine.
  13. I replaced the thermal paste following the directions on Thermal Arctic's website very carefully--no change. BTW, I discovered my system will also only shut down using the main power supply switch.

    Here are my components:

    ASUS Rampage III Formula
    Intel I-7 970
    ATI FirePro V5800
    Cooler Master H50
    Cooler Master Silent Pro M700
    Cooler Master HAF 932 case
    Corsair Vengeance 12gb DDR3

    As I said, other than only 8gb of RAM being detected (by both BIOS and Windows 7) everything was working fine till I opened the case and reseated the CPU. Now--nothing. Despite the difference in components, it sounds very much like X-2's problem. And like him, I've tried the steps in the other thread (I'm awaiting a power supply tester I ordered) and nothing has worked. Anyone else have any ideas for either of us?
  14. The problem was the motherboard. I'm not sure how I missed it before, but there were about 10-12 pins in the cpu slot that were bent. After trying unsuccessfully to bend them back, I screamed a little bit, then went out and replaced the board. Everything now works--I even realized I had the RAM in the wrong slots, and fixed that problem. But it was an awfully expensive lesson.
  15. Good to hear you got your problem resolved. It was my motherboard as well. I however decided to move to the sandy bridge platform
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