Computer powers briefly then turns off...

Hi All,

When I press the power button, it powers for about a second, then there is no power for about 2 seconds, it then powers on again but the BIOS settings have changed, which means I have to reset the date/time every time.

I have changed the battery but that doesn't make a difference, please help?

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  1. Probably a power supply issue. I had a cheap PSU and my PC used to behave exactly as you describe when turning on, minus losing the bios settings.

    That power supply eventually blew rather spectacularly, and I had to replace it. Since then, I don't recall that problem reoccurring.
  2. Thanks for your reply Pherule, my PSU is fairly new, it is a cheap one though. I replaced it with a cheap one because my PSU blew up before like you described.

    So before I go buy a new PSU, would the problem be caused by anything else? Just trying to explore all avenues before I go buy another PSU.

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