Is Galaxy a good brand?

I am buying a galaxy GTX 460 1gb for christmas and I was just wondering if they are trust worthy and have good support and all that jazz...

Any thoughts would be nice so I can kind of way the differences

PS: My budget limit is already hit and the Galaxy GTX 460 on was $160-ish
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  1. I heard some ppl having galaxy and running it w/o problems, well i guess it just doest have a brand appeal as evga, asus,gigabyte...
  2. Brand never matters alot,just get that card with brand,its fine,my friend is running one,it works fine and can handle games great with good settings and resolution.just go for it,,I dont celebrate it,I am A muslim.but its your Day,enjoy it.
  3. Brand does matter a lot. Galaxy only offers 2 yr warranty, Asus 3 yr, Zotac and Sparkle offer lifetime warranty.
  4. However if you compete galaxy with evga you will not see difference more than 0.5 or 1fps,i am gona bet on it.
  5. Technically you will not see any difference as it is teh same card with the same speeds.
    And mr.jericho isn't betting forbidden in your culture :lol:
  6. I've got a galaxy 9600gt thats around 2 years old, no problems and it was factory overclocked too. Long as you are running a decent power supply I think you will be happy.
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