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Hello, I set up a home network between my lap top and desk top but ever since the lap top is running very slowly - won't run skype when it did before. Would the networking cause the processor to run slowly and if so, how do I delete the network. Thanks for any help.
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  1. what you mean by home network like shared files and folders, and each computer can see each other?

    Also networking will not slow down the computers performance having bad internet or bad reception can have an effect on internet such as skype,

    You can run msconfig and disable some start up options to increase your computers performance or download a 3rd party tool to help a good one is ccleaner in my option
  2. kmd: Check to make sure you don't have antivirus scanning network drives. Check from both computers...

    Skype may encounter issues if your other computer is heavily using the the network or internet connection. Try unplugging the network cable on the desktop and check to see if performance increases or maintains. That will help lead you to a potential cause.
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