Gounding Problem

Sometimes when metal is touched to any port on my computer (i.e. plugging a usb flash drive into a usb port) it freezes. This happens immediately when metal touches the metal on my computer. I can only assume that this is a grounding issue. I've checked all the connections within my computer and everything looks normal.

Any ideas on what this might be and how to fix it?
I am afraid if this goes on any longer it might fry some of my components.
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  1. Did you drop a screw behind the motherboard by chance? Did you use more posts behind the motherboard than you have screw holes in the motherboard? Assuming you have a headphone and microphone jack on your case, how is the front audio out set in your BIOS? HD or AC'97?
  2. If you have a continuity tester or ohm meter unplug the PC and check for continuity (0 ohms) between your case and the ground pin on your power cord.
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