Upgrading GPU - Advice Needed

Hi, I have been trying to decide between the GTX460 and the HD6850 graphics cards. I have been looking at the sapphire hd 6850 deal at newegg, but just can't decide if it is the best fit because of the gtx 460 1gb usually getting higher benchmarks (at least in the ones I have seen). If anyone could give advice which is better and a good fit for my budget of around $175 (maybe more depending) that would be very helpful. Does the mini hdmi of the gtx 460 have all the compatibilities of a regular hdmi port? Since the hd6850 has a display port, would that one be better for into the future?

Native Display:
Monitor- 1600x900 or TV- 1920x1080

CPU- AMD Athlon II X2 245 (may upgrade next year)
PSU- Cool Master GX 750w
HD- WD Cavalier Green 500GB SATA-II 3.0Gb/s 7200 RPM
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  1. Are noise, cooling and power consumption a factor? Do you plan to overclock? Run multiple monitors? Use Linux? Is driver quality/reliability a big concern for you?

    I think future video cards are the most ready for the future ;) But it seems the video cards you're thinking could be able to run games for a few years to come, if you don't require top performance (have a 6850 myself).
  2. With both of those cards you might see bottlenecking from your CPU but i would reccomend going with a 6850.The 460's you saw were probably O.C. because their are no stock 460's that will beat a 6850.
  3. purple stank said:
    The 460's you saw were probably O.C. because their are no stock 460's that will beat a 6850.

    From what i can tell, all (Or almost all) GTX 460's are factory OC'ed. I believe it was mentioned in a toms article...

    The 6850 stock can take a GTX 460 stock and usually win by a few FPS unless it comes to tesselation. The new ATI 6XXX series have improved apon the problems with tesselation from the 5XXX series, but they still lose (Most of the time) when compared to nVidia.

    I'm not sure which OC's better, since I've only heard the GTX 460's side, and it clocks pretty well.
  4. Good thread with the same question, got some really good help:

  5. What games are you looking to play with the new card?
  6. Thanks for the opinions, planning on buying this (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814102908) later today. Games I am planning on playing are Just Cause 2, Starcraft II, and Civ 5. Cooling should not be an issue since my case is pretty open inside and has three case fans. Yes, I understand that my cpu will bottleneck it but I can overclock it to 3.2ghz which would help and I might be upgrading next year.
  7. Dang that's a better deal than my GTX 460 :(. Bad news for me, but good news for you :).
  8. Seems like pretty much a toss-up, although I would be inclined to go with the GTX 460 - I think CUDA is the tie-breaker as it should continue to get wider adoption.

    This EVGA card is only $160 AR:

  9. But thats the 768 MB version... Going to be way slower once it hits higher resolutions and AA...
  10. Also a side note, don't get the EE version of the EVGA GTX 460. It has a reduced number of CUDA cores and it is priced almost the same on the egg.
  11. Oops - you are right of course. I thought I had scrolled passed the 768 MB cards. So here is the 1 GB card at $180 AR:


    My apologies for the error.
  12. :lol: Sounds like what I would do lol :)
  13. Not to be a thread jacker.... But had a quickie question and didn't want to create a whole new thread...

    Will Newegg REPLACE my product (If its DOA) if I send in a mail in rebate (The whole 30 day return/replacement policy)? I'm building a computer and im not getting the rest of the parts until Christmas. My first rebate ends on the 21 (Postmarked on the 21). If the egg won't and i can't test the part, i might just throw the rebate away...

    :lol: Always have had the parts on hand :)
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