Do I need a stabilizer for this PSU?

Hello, I've bought this PSU (Huntkey 450w, model LW-6450SG), and the guy who sold me said I should use a stabilizer (which is common here in Brazil).
Now i've got two questions:
1) Should I really use a stabilizer or can I plug it without one?
2) Would a 300VA be enough, or whats the bare minium?

Computer is a Q6600, 2x2gb ddr2, 9600gt, p5k-se, 1hd +2 fans.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Why not get a better PSU altogether.. Even the basic Corsair CX 430 will be plenty better compared to that Huntkey unit.. And it definitely won't require a stabilizer..
  2. You shouldnt be using a huntkey unit regardless, here is a review of it

    If you get it anywhere near full low it will blow and it wont be pretty, swap it for the Corsair CX430 if you can find one, otherwise definitely get it a nice stabilizer, surge suppressor, and a backup unit for when it blows.
  3. HuntKey 450w

    This is probably the worst “branded” power supply we’ve seen in our life:

    Its wires are thinner than required (20 AWG vs. 18 AWG).
    It can’t deliver its maximum labeled power (450 W), being in fact a 360 W unit (the labeled 450 W is peak power, which can only be pulled for a few seconds).
    It explodes if you try to pull more than 80% of its load (360 W).
    It doesn’t offer any kind of protection (or it wouldn’t explode).
    Its efficiency is very good (i.e., above 80%) if you pull up to 60% of its maximum load (270 W), but if you go over this it drops below 80%
  4. I've been using it without a stabilizer. This setup will really never get past 360w, not even close.
    I'm not buying the PSU. I've bought my cousin a computer and it came with it. It was a pretty sweet deal, but buying another PSU or even a 600VA stabilizer would mean another 15~25% of the total cost.
    Yeah, the pc was really cheap.
  5. You should size the stabilizer to power your entire system: computer, monitor, printer, and any other accessories.
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