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My GPU dying!!??!!

Hello guys,
it has been over a month now and i'm trying to figure out what's the problem with my 8800gt(XFX).this had never happened to me but yesterday suddenly after a while of playing NFS-HP,my game showed up with some really bad artifactions.Fearing this i tried googling and came up with posts saying "GPU-OVERHEATING"....I have the 260.99 firmware and all things updated(in case it were to be a driver fault.also to be noted is that i have patched retail version of the game).Well,apart from this i then checked my EVGA precision(m too newb to OC it,so it's only for GPU TEMP CHECK)!! and guess what the GPU had crossed the threshold(100*c) now idles at 65*C(ambient being 20*c) and at loads it boils at 101*c

my question:What am i supposed to do now!?! card's stock fan is dying!! :( :( plz help me :(
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  1. It seems an overheating issue to me too.
    Take your card out and clean the dust out of it, and see if you get any temp drop.
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    Also check if the fan isn't spinning to slow or spinnig at all!
  3. ya surely will do this n report
  4. I have the same problem in NFS: HP. My GPU is a GTX 470 and I get these artifacts usually when at high speeds in the game (mainly images of trees which I'd already passed in the game). I run the game with MSI's afterburner for checking the temp's onscreen. The temp's are at 84-85, which ain't bad for the 470.

    I don't get any artifacts in any other games. Tried BFBC2, AvP, CoD:MW2, Crysis, etc. All these at max settings and no artifacts. I'm quite sure that the artifacts in NFS: HP is a common problem. However, the temp's you posted are a bit worrisome for the 8800GT.
  5. Ok guys i did as told by Maziar and rickzor.To my surprise rickzor was right!! stock fan wasn't spinning until i gave a thumb push...also as it stops by just touching it,i have concluded that its dying(oops,rather died).so i have ordered the THERMALTAKE SoRB...did not wanted to throw 50$ on zalman.I have no idea as to what caused the death of my stock fan...maybe low power intake!?!
  6. You did not hvae to order another fan you could have RMA'ed it and XFX would have replaced it for free.
  7. ^that is right,but a new cooler could extend it's life onto another card when you get it.

    The damage done to the card is irreverseable.

    At $50 you could get a 9800gt these days,although that isn't relevant.
  8. @PLZNOTE...omg,didnt think of it.You were right
  9. @plznote,my warranty has lapsed..apparently 3 years have passed since i got the maybe i will stick with the "new cooler" option.BTW,is TT sorb a good air cooler!?!
  10. @purple stank,what do mean by "The damage done to the card is irreverseable" my card damaged??!!??
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  12. When things overheat they become unstable and can ruin things.Happend to my card about 3 years ago.It was underpowered and would overheat,then i started to see lines on the screen.
  13. ubergamer said:
    @purple stank,what do mean by "The damage done to the card is irreverseable" my card damaged??!!??

    The card may not be damaged at all, and you are getting artifacts due to the high temperature! But yes the card may become irreversibly damaged.

    The only way you can tell is blowing some strong air flow with some external fan into the cooler until the temperature drops to desirable rates, and then test it with some modern game for a while, but always pay attention to the temperatures even in game! If the temps dont exceed the manufacturers levels and still you're getting artifacts then you probably got a bad card.
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