Asus m5a97pro, fx6100 will not boot

I have just built a PC using the ASUSM5A97 motherboard with a FX6100 CPU, Graphics, HD6770. the thing will not get past the first second or two of Post on the monitor I get the first bit of info on the board then the screen goes black
The Bios looks to be 0705 one part of the ASUS site says this will run the FX6100 another section says 0813 needs to be on board , obviously I cannot Flash the Bios if the PC will not even start up in DOS....Any adice would be greatly appreciated

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  1. Someone with an FX-4100 recently posted a similar problem. The fix is here:
  2. @Orphius1771
    First you need to reset the BIOS to defaults and then use the PII X 2. You can't set the processor itself to being 4 core unlocked permanently. It's the Mobo which does it.
    So basically you need to reset the BIOS to defaults, remove CMOS battery, short jumpers, hit a switch whatever and then try to use the processor. Just boot into the BIOS after that. Don't try to change anything there, update to the latest BIOS and that's it.... your FX6100 should be good to go in that board.

    Also after you update the BIOS again don't change anything in it, just boot into it, save and exit. Then shut down the rig.
    Put in the new Processor and see if it works fine and shows up in the BIOS as it ought to.
    If not, again reset the BIOS to it's defaults physically and then go ahead with the try.
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