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I have windows 7 and a linksys wrt54gs router. when i connected the router it automatically connected for me. Everything was working fine and now when i have anything connected to the router, i get no connection to the internet. i can only get a connection to the internet when i connect directly into the provider. is my router bad? what should i do?
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  1. What type of internet service do you have? If it's cable, you need to power cycle the cable modem before connecting it to the Linksys.
  2. i have a cable modem. how do i power cycle the cable modem?
  3. Pull out the DC power plug -- or the wall power plug and leave the modem until all the lights go out (and then some).
  4. i tried to power cycle the modem and the router and i still can't connect to the internet through my router
  5. Did you try loggin into your router and see if you're getting an IP address from your ISP? You could try cloning the MAC address of your PC.
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