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So I am doing my first build and I purchased an antec 1200 because of the great reviews and everyone saying that it keeps the system extremely cool. I also purchased the asus z68pro which has a plug in for a front side 3.0 USB. I go and open my case up and there is a cable for the frontside USB dangling there that I have to basically run through the case out the back then plug into one of the rear 3.0 USB's. Pretty lame in my opinion, I am going to to see if new egg will swap the case for another one that actually has a front side 3.0 USB that I can plug into the motherboard vs running a long adapter cable through the entire case and out the back.

Does anyone have recommendations on another case that can actually take advantage of motherboards plug in for a 3.0 USB in the front of the case, or just in general another great case to build a computer in. I would prefer one that has filters on the fans but mostly just want a great case to build a computer in that will help keep everything cool.

As always thank you for your help, my first build setup has come out great because of all the advice!
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  1. Changing your case just for the sake of USB 3.0 front panel wiring..!! Not a very clever decision.. But of course its your case and you need to be completely satisfied with it.. Check out the Silverstone Raven RV03..
  2. I am not 100% sure if I am going to change it out still, I just don't want a long cord running through the middle of my case to plug in the back. I don't have to have a front 3.0 usb, just want a good case the stays cool and does not have a cord running from the top front through the case to the bottom then back up to the top back of the case to plug into the mother board
  3. Could you not route the cable along the bottom of your case ?
  4. does not really look that long, I was reading that with the antec 900 people were having to buy extension because the cable was not long enough. I just came across and adapter as well that allows me to plug it in
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