Cant enter dos

hello yall, i get the Usb device over current status detected system will shut down after 15 seconds. msg
so i tried going to dos to just disable to ports. but when i press del it just jups to trying to boot then the Usb problem just popps back. tryd pulling the extra cabinet usb ports out from the mb. tryd a oldschool keboard to 4 the lulz. no joy :pfff:

eny ideas on what it can be, and how to get into dos to fixx this ***?
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Forum! :)

    Your problem is difficult to understand. If you are trying to boot into DOS on a USB Flash Drive: 1. It must be formatted FAT-32/Bootable, 2. Have 'DOS' installed on it.

    If you're trying to modify your BIOS then sure use a PS/2 Keyboard "oldschool keboard" but some MOBO's use different keys to access the BIOS; see ->

    Good Luck! :)
  2. thanks for the help, but it wont respond to any commands cant enter boot menu, bios, ez flash or bios post messege
    only thing it responds to is del but then it just jumps to the "usb over current status detected"

    im running a m4a87td evo
  3. Try a different Keyboard, often USB Keyboards simply won't function until a driver is thrown at it. A PS/2 Keyboard is your best bet. All the systems I build that have a PS/2 port I use a PS/2 Keyboard and those that don't I use a basic USB Keyboard that does work. In this case less is more. For keyboards with an 'F Lock' try pressing that to properly access the Function keys e.g. F1-F12.
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