Asus GTS450 TOP bottleneck?

Hi everyone!
I want to ask the community that whether my current Core2Duo is bottlenecking my GTS450 or not.... My current system specs are:

Core2Duo E8400@3.00GHz/6MBL2
3GB Corsair DDR2-800MHz
250GB WD@7200rpm used for boot
1TB WD@5400rpm for multimedia
DQ35JO intel mobo
Asus ENGTS450TOP with driver 260.99

I've heard about driver problems with old LGA775 sockets.... I am getting very low frames in mafia II even had to play at 1024x768 but things are quite better with medal of honor 2010 and modern warfare 2.
My current monitor is 19" with default resolution for games is 1280x1024.
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  1. There won't be any bottleneck and try running Mafia II with PhysX set to off.
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