Core 2 duo q8200 packard bell one two lx8020

Got the above computer, been running fine for over year, but now crashes. I think it might be overheating but am not sure. No idea what to do about it, any suggestions?
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  1. Quote:
    are these random crashes, crashes on startup, crashes while loading the OS, use speed fan to check your PC tempretures and post them here.

    c'mon we need more detail if you want us to be able to help you...

    I have the following:
    HDO 36c
    Temp 1 66c
    core o 76c
    core 1 69c
    core 2 73c
    core 3 74c

    automatic fan speed is ticked.

    Will have to shut down again as core 0 is now 80c
  2. I have attempted to clean the fans - I thought I had succeeded as the computer ran for 5 hours before I shut it down. But next day only lasted 1.5 hours before hitting 101 on core 0.
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