Gtx 470 vs gtx 570 vs 6950 vs 6970

Which one is the best choice?

gtx 570 $350 USD
gtx 470 $245 USD
hd 6970 $370 USD
hd 6950 $300 USD

My set up:

asus p7p55-m mobo (one x16 pcie so no sli or xfire)
4gb ddr3
120gb vertex 2 ssd
Antec 520w 40A 12v rail (rebadged seasonic) psu
gts 250 1gb
25" 1920x1080p monitor
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  1. well...
    since you cant sli or crossfire i would get the 6990 when it comes out later
  2. my choice is going to be gtx 570... but i think your psu need an upgrade... because gtx 570 requires at least 550 watts psu...

    gtx 570 because....

    faster in dx11 games...
    faster when aa is on...
    cooler than reference gtx 400 series....
    faster when coverting video with cuda accelerated 570....

    why not 470 or ati...

    470 slower...
    ati driver problem(it less nowadays but still annoying)
    eyefinity... i doubt that you are going to use 3 displays at a time...
    ati slower when aa is on....

    i knw what ppl will say... 570 power hunger... ati more power efficient... bla...bla....
    no offense but... tell that to overclockers... tell that to those who do 3-way sli or cf...
    power consumption matters only to those who don't plan on cf or sli and overclocking....
    yes 570 eats more power but it also has better overall performance....

    lets go gtx 570....
  3. GTX 570 all the way. The 6990 (Antilles) will be overpriced when it releases, and proper driver support is the most important thing about a dual GPU card.Among the other cards, the GTX 570 is the best for gaming at 1920x1080.
  4. yeah gtx 570 all the way,it will be great investment for next 4 years,however you should still think that gtx 595 is on its way to arrive,surely will beat hd 6990.
  5. mrjericho1991 said:
    yeah gtx 570 all the way,it will be great investment for next 4 years,however you should still think that gtx 595 is on its way to arrive,surely will beat hd 6990.

    There is nothing official about a dual-GPU Fermi coming, yet.
    But even if it releases, it will surely be very expensive.
  6. Agreed 570, but makes sure you upgrade your PSU !

    If you for some odd reason end up not getting the 570, the 470 is pretty could too. Especially with an overclock or eventually a SLI, max out pretty much any or most games with 50 fps +

    Granted the 470 does that by itself, but its SLI would be really good is all im saying :)
  7. He said that he has only one PCI-E x16 slot.
  8. thanks for the reply guys.

    but is it worth getting gtx 570 for $100 more over 470?

    what is the oc headroom for each card with voltage?

    system requirement for gtx 570 is 550w with minimum 38 A on 12v rail but mine has 520w with 40A on 12v rail. do i really need to change my psu?
  9. Personally, it all depends on what your playing. If youre playing like mw2, black ops, crysis and metro on like a single or dual screen at 1920 x 1080 maxed then 470 OR 470 SLI ( Recommended ) It will do great. But if youre looking for a single card to play those games on like a dual - triple screen with a significantly higher FPS ( 8 - 10 ) or so then go with the 570.

    If you can overclock it well, i think a single 470 will do just fine, but it would be really great if you got a SLI
  10. That PSU is good enough.The GTX 570 and 470 both overclock pretty well.If you dont want to splurge on the GTX 570, you can get this GTX 470:
  11. yeah it is,gtx 570 is almost an gtx 480.
  12. mrjericho1991 said:

    A rumour from nearly a month ago does not constitute proof. :non:
  13. hsh2489 said:
    but is it worth getting gtx 570 for $100 more over 470?

    Yes - 570 is on par with a 480 and that is just PURE AWESOMENESS .......

    hsh2489 said:
    system requirement for gtx 570 is 550w with minimum 38 A on 12v rail but mine has 520w with 40A on 12v rail. do i really need to change my psu?

    No, that is the recommended system requirements and by no means does this mean it wont work on your PSU. Its just the "saver" PSU power rating recommended for a fully loaded system with all the perks on top. If u do push your "new" card to a inch of its life and find a random restart along the way, at least u know why but its highly unlikely...
  14. :lol: Wish i had some more money to go with the GTX 570.... But alas, i went with the GTX 460 1GB for 150$...

    570, and your PSU is fine unless you have your case loaded with all the extras.

    Agree with mousemonkey :), that doesn't mean anything.
  15. if you don't want to pay more to get gtx 570 then you can also take 470... but mind you... better get one which has custom cooler because 470 reference runs hotterthan 570... and also a custom cooler gtx 470 will be more expensive than reference one... depend on which brand you buy...
  16. What I would do it the new exploit on ATI 6950!!
    BIOS upgrade from the 6950 to the 6970 for free. Unlocks the chip free 70$-100$ in your pocket. And reviews have proved a same performance as the 6970.
  17. Definitely the GTX570 is the best card in the price range right now. However, if you want to save some cash, look at the Gigabyte GTX470 Superoverclock. It comes factory overclocked to perform nearly to the level of the GTX480/570 and has a very effective Windforce cooler that keeps the card near silent.

    Gigabyte GTX 470 Superoverclock $290 + free shipping + free copy of Mafia 2

  18. I have played with 470's until recently. I'd remove it from your list.

    The 6950 or 6970 is the cards I prefer, but the 570 is still a good card.

    Performancewise, the 6970 is slightly faster than the 570 on average, the 6950 a little slower. I personally was able to flash mine to 6970 speeds, they even have a backup bios built in incase it doesn't work.

    Now the choice for most people should come down to 2 main features and how much you value them.

    1) The 570 does have PhysX, the 6900 cards don't. I personally only have two games now that can use gpu accelerated physX. Sacred 2 and Metro 2033. Sacred 2 adds some nice leaves and rock effects that are cool, but they also mess up the spells, overall I find it a wash. I don't care one way or the other. Metro 2033 is just too demanding to use it for any card, and it barely makes a difference in effects. Apparently there is more smoke effects, but I could not tell a difference personally and that's with a dedicated card for it. Your milage may vary.

    2) The 6900 cards add superior AA features. Supersampling and Morphological AA. Supersampling is not usable on all games, but the games that I use that need it, look a lot better with it. Dragon Age Origins, especially with scale and chain armor, as well as the weapons and shields on your back have horrible aliasing issues even with normal multisampling AA. Supersampling fixes it. It fixes the shimmering effects you often see with grass and leaves when playing other RPG's and FPS, but not all games allow it and others it's too demanding.

    Morphological AA adds AA options to all games, even games that can't support traditional AA. It's not the best AA option, but it's certainly better than no AA. I have quite a few games that won't support any other AA option, so I find it a nice option.

    I also have seen the 2GB of vram to be useful in a few games. If you've played Dirt 2, and done the Xgames America tracks. You've been in the LA stadium. With all settings up, even dual 470's run horribly within the stadium area due to all the bodies in the stands. With 2gb of vram, it's not an issue. Several areas within Dragaon Age origins used to cause stuttering with everything turned up, with 2gb of vram, that's not an issue. Even Crysis has shown smoother, especially in areas where you look over a cliff and see a huge wide open area. I used to get stuttering when I move fast or use binocs, now I don't.

    Again, the main difference is PhysX vs AA. 2GB is more important for high resolutions.
  19. I have a q6600 at 2.62 with a gtx 470 and 6 gb ram. My rig runs everything maxed with full AA and AF in everything in windows 7 dx11. I get 40-70fps and my gtx can trade blows with a 480 when oc'd I took it from 607mhz to 770mhz on air with no crashes and up to 1850 on memory from 1674. Save your money enjoy physx and have cuda if needed, and reap the benefits nvidia gives you in games enabling tessellation.Hawx 2 uses tessellation as does 3dmrk11 so this is becoming a huge feature as it adds to realism, Physx is enabled in metro 2033 batman aa, and mafia 2. It increases frame rate on my system when enabled. I run Dirt 2 (all tracks at 45+ fps and play cod black ops mp at 60fps min) Simply putr on a three year old Dell XPS 720 it makes every modern game playable at 1920x1200 (hans g 28") at faster frame rates than my monitor can display. My 3dmark11 score is P4046. Cheap solution.
  20. i think u guys r wrong (maybe). he Is going to need a better psu. what?! is he going to run his video card only?! what about the rest of his system??? :(
  21. It will be fine as long as he doesn't plan a super overclock :).
  22. GTX570 for sure! AMD/ATI cards suck in some 3D and they perform significantly worse than nVidia equivalence when AA is enabled. AMD/ATI cards run cooler and consume less power though.
  23. andrercrocha said:
    i think u guys r wrong (maybe). he Is going to need a better psu. what?! is he going to run his video card only?! what about the rest of his system??? :(

    Check this graph:

    Also, I highly recommend the GTX 570.

    I got the Gigabyte GTX 570 and it is the first card that has made me happy in quite some time.

    EDIT: Also, my GTX 570 is quiet quiet quiet which I love and is important to me!
  24. if you haven`t purchased the card than just wait till 25th january,
    cos the gtx 560 is coming!!!

    it is based on gf114,(same as gf 104 which gtx 460 uses)

    it uses the fully unlocked gf 114 with 384 shader & which has a core clock of 820mhz, shader at 1640mhz, & memory at 1000mhz.

    prices are to be expected to be around at 280$. and ofcourse it would overclock pretty good, & manufacturers would have their own non reference and overclocked version which i expect to be at (approx) 320$

    it is 26% faster than gtx 460 & 14% faster than gtx 470 at stock clocks, and is par with hd 6950.
    and if OCed properly i think it should compete pretty good with gtx 570.
    so, i would sujjest you to wait till 25th jan.
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