Corrupt Bios Woes.....

My trusty little Lenovo A61e has just bricked on me!! I downloaded the latest bios from Lenovo's website and it decided to freeze during the flash procedure... Now all i get is a blank screen (no signal) and a loud beep every 10 seconds :(

This was my emulation box that i had hooked upto my 37" HDTV, now it's useless as i can't seem to find a way to recover the bios (American Megatrends- AMI BIOS). I tried contacting Lenovo support but they won't help because it's outside of warranty (their customer service stinks!)... Does anyone have any suggestons?

Any help is much appreciated :)
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  1. There are a couple different options you can deal with.
    1) Replace the chip with one that works. You can get made to order chips online. Such as:
    2) You can get a chip programmer and do it yourself. They are possible to make yourself, if your handy with circuits and serial programming. Or buy one from a local electronics shop.
    3) If the chip is of the removable type, there is a process to hot swap flash a chip. Read about that here:

    If the chip is soldered to the board, and your not too handy with a soldering iron, might as well be spending your time looking for a replacement board.
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