GTX570 OR HD6870CF


GTX570 OR TWO HD6870 IN CrossFirex .

I am cofused .

After the disapoointing result for the HD6900 series , and what i have heared about the CrossFire proplems .

also i am focusing on price&performance .


any advice plzzzzzzzzzz.........

what is the best chois between these two . :ange: :ange: :ange: :ange:
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  1. Are you a pakistani?However gtx 570 xfire will be better in every way.
  2. Provided that you have a system which has the capability of running either setup without bottlenecks at high resolutions, you've got to ask yourself two things- how much you're willing to spend and do you really want a multi-GPU setup from the beginning?

    Having said that the GTX 570(350 $) is cheaper than 2 6870s(480$).
    The GTX 570 will play almost all games at highest settings and high resolutions.So, will the 2 6870s, which will be even faster than the 570.
    However you'll have to consider the fact that not every game will scale properly with multi-GPU setups.

    Thus, go for the 570 if you want to save money or 2 6870s if you want raw performance from the beginning.
  3. Thank

    my system is:

    P6delux v2
    i7 920 @4000ghz
    6gb ddr3 ram 1600 8-8-8-24
    1500 thermaltek power supply
    300GB hard drive raptor +2TB green
    24inch 1920x1200 monitor
    Coolermaster Haf x case
    H20-320-EDGE - Swiftech watercooler
  4. Thats a good system.
    Go for the GTX 570.Its sufficient for playing most games at that resolution.The X58 setup means that you can always add another 570 in the future if required.
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