Best graphic card: POWERCOLOR RADEON HD 5450 or Nvidia Geforce 6800?

Hi guys i had a geforce 6800 but somehow it just died and i im now going to buy a new graphic card to my dell 8400...

Which is best? which have the best fan becuase i've heard that the 6800 is weak and 5450 have a passiv fan...

i'm not a gaming guy but i want it atleast to play some games and high...

Also is 5450 good quality? because i know its a low end card but, does it die fast?
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  1. There are new cards now. You can get a GT 240 at around $100 or less. That is the best card for you :)
  2. Thanks for the quick reply.. the thing is that i dont live in US... so the prices here are much different =)

    I've heard so much good thing about ati 5450.. and the old card that i had (6800) died when i was browsing on the net =/
  3. You're comparing a card that has been released a year ago and a card that is over six years old.
    However for gaming, a 5450 is too weak.The cheapest gaming card that I'll look for is the Hd 4670/ 4650 or th 5570/ 5550 GDDR5.
  4. It is weaker than a 6800. Are you sure you want to invest in a card that is weaker than your previous one? HD 5670 is a very good card for older systems.
  5. are you saying that 5450 is weaker that 6800?????
    :o :o :o
  6. how is that possible =O???? the 6800 is much cheaper than 5450

    did i forget to mention that i'm not a gaming guy =P
  7. Alright how about XFX Radeon HD 5450 is that better??

    (sorry for double post) :) :)
  8. Its good for everyday use, watching HD movies etc. but not for gaming.You can play games at low settings though if thats what you want.
  9. cant i play hl2 with high settings??
  10. Depends on the resolution, but I'd say yes, to some extent, though you'll not get good performance.
  11. Thanks for your help.
    but i just got one more question...

    what is best on the graphic card fan? if it is passive or active?
  12. Passive means no fan whatsoever.
    Cards with fans are generally cooler than passive- cooled cards.
  13. so the cooler the better??

    Sorry for being annoying but i've found another card... is XFX Radeon HD 4550 better than 6800 and 5450??
  14. Its about the same as a 5450.
  15. naxster said:
    so the cooler the better??

  16. What are the risk if i buy a graphic card with passive fan?

    Can it live longer than 1 year without a fan?
  17. You can, since low end cards can get away with passive cooling.There is no risk, just that they dont cool as well as the cards with a fan.
  18. what you say about ati hd 5670,it will suit your needs has dx11 horsepower and can run modern games fine.
  19. Guys how about Nvidia geforce 9500GT with 1 gb??

    is this better than 6800 and 5450?

    it has also an active fan...
  20. OH common 9500gt is piece of crap,even gt 220 is available on same price in ddr3 version,that is better it has 48 cores instead of 32.
  21. If you aren't going to game the 5450 is the best choice. Being passive is a bonus not a drawback. Unless you like to hear fan noise while watching movies.

    The good stuff you heard about the 5450 was it's HTPC ability, for which it's low power/heat makes it the best choice currently. For 3d gaming it's complete trash and should be avoided.

    Edit - what you really need to know is, is your motherboard adapter AGP or pci-e?

    Edit 2 - I checked for you and it appears to be pci-e, one of the earliest in fact.
  22. The 9500GT is alot better than the 5450 or the 6800. It surpasses the performance of the 8600GT which surpassed the 7800GTX which surpassed the 6800.
  23. Also keep in mind there are a lot of GeForce 6800 variants:
    6800 Ultra
    6800 GT
    6800 GS
    6800 GTO
    6800 Go
    6800 Go Ultra
    6800 XT
    6800 XE
    6800 LE

    It appears the Dell 8400 Desktop is PCI-Express with an Intel Pentium 4 CPU.
  24. naxster said:
    how is that possible =O???? the 6800 is much cheaper than 5450

    did i forget to mention that i'm not a gaming guy =P

    Because the GeForce 6800 is a 6 year old card. The HD 5450 came out this year.
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