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Hello, I just bought a power supply after mine died and I did not pay much attention since im not very experienced with computers. I bought this and it only came with a 24 pin, 2 4pins and 1 8 pin. The problem is all my hard drives use 4 pin ide connectors I was wondering if they sell any cable converters I could use or if theres sata hd cables to 4 pin ide adapters.
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  1. you might also want to complain to amazon about the seller for not including all the cables. You can plainly see in the pics that its supposed to come with at least 3 (that I can see) 4 pin molex connectors.

    according to one reviewer here are the connections its supposed to have:6 SATA devices, 4 molex and 2 floppy (like you'd need them), one 6 pin PCI-E and one 6+2 PCI-E connection, one 20+4 pin ATX connection and two CPU connections; one 8 pin and one 4 pin
  2. This will tell you what you should have received:

    First, contact the seller about the missing cables. Then contact amazon if you need to.

    If no luck, return the PSU and reorder it from newegg.

    There's a reason why newegg is the first vendor of choice for many of us.
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