First timer, budget gaming build

So my ps3 got the YLOD the other day and i am glad it did because it has forced me to do something i should of done a long time ago. This computer is for general purpose and for gaming, i plan on being able to play crysis 2, starcraft 2, diablo 3 and battlefield 3 so please let me know if you think this is a suitable rig.

CPU: AMD athlon x4 640 (am3)

GPU: Asus GTX 460 1gb


PSU: Vantec ION2 520W

Case: Aerocool QS200 (mini)

Ram: G. Skill 4GB DDR3 Ram.

And of course SATA hardisk and SATA DVD drive

the total cost is 633 dollars Australian.

Now my main concern is the ram, in the catalogue i am buying from it doesn't specify the model and only says it is ddr3. It is listed with a bunch of other ram and says that the list works for all intel boards and only some am3 boards so how do i know if it will work on mine? Also they list gskill NT ram for a dollar cheaper, no idea what that is though.

feedback would be really appreciated

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  1. Graphically, no it will not be able to handle any of those games.

    What is your resolution? Try checking out my 600$ build, it maybe it'd work out in Ausi.
  2. What? Really? I thought a gtx 460 and the x4 640 would do just fine to run those games?

    What is the problem with the build?
  3. OH Theres a 460, nvm it'll run just fine. I didn't see that you have a 460 in your build. Then it should be fine. I think that downgrading to a X3 450 would be fine, the 640 isn't worth the extra cost. Mighht as well go for a 925 or something.
  4. hahah ok phew, thanks man appreciated
  5. Hmm guess u looking for an mATX gamer and if so this was my $700 AUD mATX config over the email - one could actually land full blown 955BE + HD 6870 and a PSU 80+ Bronze based off the Seasonic S12IIB platform hehe
  6. ^bat's build will definitely get you higher frame rates =]
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