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The mouse pointer on my WS 490 computer (Win Vista) has erratic movements. All of a sudden, it will fly over to one of the monitor corners. I tried the following:

1. Replaced the mouse with a different (similar) known good mouse. No change.
2. Opened Device manager, un-installed the mouse and driver. Re-started the computer. The mouse was "found" and the Win Vista installed the driver. The mouse pointer movement is still erratic.
3. Scanned for virus and spyware. No problems reported.

Has anyone experienced similar problems? Can you suggest a solution?

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  1. Your surface could be it. What's it like?
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    I have had that when using optical mouse on a reflective surface like a varnished/polished desktop. Try using the mouse on a piece of plain cardboard , If it works fine then it sure is whatever surface you were using before.
  3. If it will help:

    On two Win XP computers: Semi gloss simulated wood surface (Cheap Sauder desk) - No problems
    On the Win Vista comp: Same surface as above - Problems. With the mouse at rest, the cursor will fly to the top left corner and then gradually drift downwards and out of sight. Other times to the top right corner, or the bottom left. No set pattern.

    Is there any relation to this and the predicted May 21, 2011 end of the world?

    I am going to try the cardboard advice (non-reflective surface) and shall report in 2 days.
  4. This problem has plagued me for years on different systems. The only consistent thing is a laser mouse, so I've resigned myself to the fact that they sometimes just don't like me.
    In FPS games this manifests itself as suddenly staring straight up/down and spinning really fast, usually when you're just about to do something important, and when the spinning stops you realize you walked off something and died and haven't saved your game for about 3 hours.
    A gamepad connected to your PC can cause this, but I don't use them so that answer doesn't help me.
  5. I took your advice and used a precise mouse surface (old Newegg cardboard packaging). It worked very well. To confirm, I went back to the no-cardboard setup, and the problems re-appeared.

    Thank you for your valuable input.
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