DVI vs. VGA?

Hi all, I noticed my computer monitor has both a VGA and a DVI connection.

My question: Would I get a noticeable improvement in the picture quality if I switch to a DVI connection?

I presently have a VGA adapter to connect my DVI video card to the VGA connector on the computer.

Thanks y'all, Happy Holidays
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  1. I asked this exact same question on a post a while back, conclusion - No, the diffs are very minor (if any).

    Basically someone replied to my post with a duel monitor setup, one LCD on DVI and one LCD on VGA. When running a clone there was no noticeable difference what so ever.

    If i had some way of finding the post i would have linked it but been looking and cant get it, sorreh.
  2. Hi. My understanding is that DVI is a better quality connection. I guess u could say more pure.
    There’s no change to the signal digital to digital (DVI) but in VGA there is.
    I surmise from everyone’s opinion the noticeable differences are negligible. But theres also 2 schools of thought. So i guess if I see a good deal on a DVI cable I'll try it. I'm not seeing to many DVI I / DVI D (GPU/MON) male cables. slim pickins.
    Note: There’s an article in Toms now referencing a 5 year phase out of VGA.
    Thanks for your time.
  3. It's the difference between a digital signal (DVI), which presumably has no corruption; and an analog signal (VGA), which might suffer some signal degradation. If you have the choice, go for DVI, it will also allow you to utilize higher resolutions, and is required for hi-def (I think).
  4. DVI = Digital

    VGA = Analog

    Also, DVI should allow a higher resolution image than VGA will.

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