Need help compatability check for xmas pressie !!

Im purchasing the evga 1gb geforce gts 450 gddr5 and so need to know if it would work + is it gud to work with these specs :

MOBO: Packard bell BV Cuba-MS 7301

CPU: Intel Core 2 duo @ 1,86 ghz each

RAM: 1.5 Gb now upgrade to max 2 gb

im also purchasing corsair it thermal cooled 500 watt power supply to power it ?

please need quick feedback as nedd to order in time for xmas !! (ordering from preferably or
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  1. It should work.Is the PSU actually from Corsair?
  2. For about 10 more £ you can get this, which performs better.

    Either card will be fine, however.
  3. But the GTS 450 is a much better overclocker.
  4. Actually they both overclock decently and for two you can't assume everyone is overclocking.
  5. sorry it was colours it :P
  6. Plus the most games il be playin would be rts so C&C Company Of Heroes Age Of Empires Etc. so will make a diff?
  7. No, both cards will do fine. The one I linked is better but costs a little more. Both will run off of a 500W powersupply, but make sure that it has a 6pin PCI-E connector.
  8. I dont know how stable 5770s are when overclocked, but I do know that the GTS 450 overclocks easily and is stable and you can notice the difference after overclocking as well.
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