Should I buy 2600k or wait for next?

Hi guys...

I'm planning to change my current Phenom x4 975 processor for some reasons. 1- Fan sound 2- more performance. My doubt is should I buy a i7 2600k now or wait for the next one? Any idea which is the next gaming processor from intel ?
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  1. An i7 2600K isnt going to be a large upgrade over your 975, a better option would be to get an aftermarket cooler and OC it some, that will solve your fan sound issue and help out a bit on the performance without costing you a ton of money.
  2. Any idea about the next gaming processor from Inter ?
  3. Not really. Obviously it'll be better, but no one knows by how much. However, if you're upgrading cpu, you should get a 2500k unless you have money to burn. 2600k doesn't have much of a performance increase over 2500k, and it costs $100 more.
  4. If you really want to wait and see what is intel is going to be rolling out this year I know that the new socket 2011 is supposed to come out later this year. But if your upgrading right now you'll have to also upgrade your mobo as AMD and Intel use different CPU sockets that are not cross-compatible with each other, But I would say get a 2500k with an aftermarket cooler (Thermalright, Noctua, Thermaltake, Cooler Master, and etc. make great coolers) and overclock it up to the specs of the 2600k as I believe both use the same or similar architecture as they were both launch cpu's in the 2nd gen. I7 series.
  5. I've 4 GB memory now. If I upgrade it to 8 GB, will it improve the gaming performance ?
  6. what games are you playing that are not giving you a good frame rate with your setup?
  7. I play Badcompany 2. Some times the frame rate goes below 10. And again goes up to more than 60.
  8. Quote:
    no, more ram does not equal more performance in gaming, 4gb is more than enough for gaming and upgrading to 8gb for gaming will just be a waste of money. your current phenom 975 is still a pretty good performer, and should last until atleast next year when ivy bridge comes out. you might aswell make your current rig last.

    4gb is enough for gaming, but more will provide some improvement. In some cases it's bigger than others:,2778-8.html
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