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Am looking for laptop to watch streaming flash videos with the best possible picture quality.
Is a graphics card advised/necessary for this?
How about processor i3-i5-i7?
Screen resolution: Is 18080p going to improve the image quality?
Thanks for any info.
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  1. Laptop with 1080p resolution? Does that laptop even exist?
    Or do you want use laptop as machine and external monitor as the display?

    If you want use external monitor (1080p) then you must get a decent setup, i3 and onboard graphic (not Intel GMA or such thing) are enough for just streaming flash videos.
  2. Thanks for your reply

    I do not want to use an external monitor. There are a few 1080p laptops but the screen image is small and it can be necessary to reduce the resolution for reading text and general browsing, etc.

    I have a couple of core2 duo desktops with decent graphics cards that do a pretty good job with streaming flash. I'd like to have at least that quality and preferrably better.
  3. I looked streamed flash videos on a number of computers ranging from dual core 4300 laptop with integrated graphics to mobile I7 with graphics card and desktop with fast core2 duo and graphics card.

    Picture quality is pretty much the same on all. So the new question it possible to improve these streamed flash videos by "upsampling" like when a DVD player improves the resolution of non HD disks?

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