US Robotics?

I bought this US Robotics wireless (model 5461 (Maxg)) maybe 3 years ago.
I haven't used it in maybe 2 years and now it wouldn't work anymore.
I recently switched apartments and computer, it used to work with my old computer but now I can't seem to make it work.
I am currently using a "rented" Lynksys from RCN but why paying them money when I own one??
So I followed the instructions, I turned off my computer, I plugged in the router, connected the WAN to the computer and the port 1 to my cable modem Ethernet .... waited 10 minutes but the internet light of my US Robotics didn't turn on.The only lights on were the Power (duh :)), the wireless and the port 1.
ON my cable modem the lights were on on PC (blinking), CABLE (steady) and power - I got the RECEIVE light to blink lightly but I guess not enough to connect to the internet.
Should I just throw away this modem and give up? I really don't know what to do.
Also, I usually use a VOIP service so I have to connect the Wireless to the VOIP , the VOIP to the computer and the Cable modem to the Wireless (a little confusing, I know). - but to test it I took the VOIP modem off and connected it directly to my PC.

Any help/suggestion is appreciated.

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  1. "I turned off my computer, I plugged in the router, connected the WAN to the computer and the port 1 to my cable modem Ethernet ".

    My understanding is that it works this way:
    1) computer connects to router (by ethernet or wireless),
    2) router connects to modem by ethernet
    3) modem connects to the outside world

    Restart the modem and router together and they should handshake.

    Also check that the router is designed to work with a separate modem and does not have a DSL modem built in (easy to tell because DSL router has a phone type jack which is physically smaller than an ethernet socket) Router designed to work with separate modem has all ethernet sockets.
  2. Thanks for your reply.

    I unplugged and replugged them together but didn't work either .... Should rturn off the computer and replugged them together?
    Nothing seems to work, that Internet light doesn't want to turn on ...... although with my Linksys it works just fine, I don't get it .... maybe RCN put a restriction so I can't use any other modems? I really don't know at this point, this router used to work fine in my other apartment.
  3. "Maybe RCN put a restriction so I can't use any other modems?"

    I thought you were using a separate modem ? And just wanted to change the router.

    I'm confused.
  4. I am using the cable modem + the wireless router provided by RCN - RCN is charging me a "rental" fee on the wireless router but I own one (the US ROBOTICS).
    I am pretty sure I can use my own wireless .....
    I am not an expert in these things but I am trying to understand how they work.
  5. Check that the computer can talk to the USR router -- connect computer to router with an ethernet cable and disconnect the modem from the router. Turn the router off and leave it a minute then turn it on again.

    Use your browser to address the router's use interface by typing the router's IP address into the browser's address bar.

    If you don't know the router's address find it -- Go Start, All Programs, Accessories, Command Prompt. At the command prompt type IPCONFIG/ALL and then look in the result for the word gateway and the IP address next to it -- usually or close. If you successfully connect to the router you will be greeted by a login box. Username is usually admin and the Password may be admin or password or whatever is mentioned in the USR manual. If at some point the password has been changed reset the router to restore the factory defaults.

    Once in the router check that wireless is on, that SSID is being broadcast, that Access List or similar is disabled. Check wireless mode is g or mixed mode.

    Now do the same with the RCN supplied router and make a note of all the relevant settings (whether DHCP is on and what the DNS server address is).

    Apply the same settings to your USR. Having saved settings, log out (don't just close the browser).

    Now power down the USR router and the modem. Wire them up and power them up to together. See if you can get on the internet.
  6. Thank you for your help, but nothing seem to work.
    I accidentally reset the router and now it won't accept any passwords, no Admin, no admin, no password, no Password, nothing ..... I called US Robotics but apparently they don't stand behind their products, they don't offer tech support for my router anymore, I have been able though to have him tell me how to fully reset the device (push reset button, count 10, remove plug still pressing, count other 10, replug still pressing the reset button and count another 10), it didn't work anyway, it still asks me for a User name and a password (while it should address me to a welcome page apparently). They claim the router is gone but I don't understand why, it has been used only for like 1 year, are these routers really so delicate?? I would have not imagined. Well, now I know that next time I won't buy a US ROBOTICS for sure.
    If you believe there is a way to save this router please let me know ..... Do you believe a computer tech might be able to fix it for me, but the real question is, is it worth it? I am probably better off buying a new one at this point.

    Neither of these seems to include the default password but perhaps the USR tech gave you that.
  8. Fixed it!!! yeeeehhhh!
    Thanks :)
  9. How, how ?
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