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I'm having trouble with my PC as of late. About two weeks ago I installed a new CPU fan/heatsink and a new hard drive, both things I have done countless times in the past. In the past couple weeks I'm receiving a lot of BSOD, with more coming in the past day than before.

While there could be a problem with the seating of the CPU, I'd like to update my BIOS first. The primary reason I'd like to do this first is that the most recent BIOS update for my motherboard on the MSI website says it allows for hard drives 2.2TB and larger -- the hard drive I installed recently is 3TB.

Normally I'd simply compare the BIOS version numbers, but in this case I cannot tell which version I have as compared to the website. Here's the MSI webpage for my board's BIOS updates:

I have the MSI 870A Fuzion Power Edition:

- In CPU-Z my board shows as "870A Fuzion (MS-7660)", and the BIOS is American "Megatrends Inc. version 10.2". The bios date is 08/10/2010.
- In the BIOS upon boot, this information also shows in a pretty similar fashion. Shows "A7660AMS v10.2 081010."

Here's where it gets weird and I can't figure out how to compare. The MSI website shows the latest BIOS version is "1.3." Additionally, when I fire up MSI's own LiveUpdate application it shows my version # to be "A.20."

So on the one hand the BIOS and CPU-Z show me BIOS version 10.2. At the same time, the MSI website shows the latest version (that addresses the 2.2TB+ hard drives) is 1.3. And then MSI's own application to scan and update all this stuff automatically says I have no updates available and says I have version A.20.

Anyone know how I can find the best/updated BIOS for my system?

Thank you!
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  1. Version 1.3 is dated 2011-02-18, so you can flash it if you want. Be sure to disable any "boot block" or "virus protection" settings in the bios, save and exit. I don't know why you live update is telling you have the latest bios. Can't explain that.
  2. The 870A Fuzion (the motherboard that you most likely own) and the 870A Fuzion Power Edition (the link that you provided) look similar, but they are quite different. If you own the 870A Fuzion motherboard, you should update the BIOS to version 10.5 available from Flashing the wrong BIOS will most likely brick your motherboard.

    Support for 2.2TB HDD or above has been added in BIOS version 10.4.
  3. Thank you for the replies. In reviewing my motherboard it seems Ghislain is right - I have the 870A Fuzion but NOT the "Power Edition."

    I found the issue with my PC a while later after posting here, and it turns out it was a problem with my brain rather than the computer. When installing the new heatsink/fan a couple weeks ago, apparently I totally missed attaching a 2nd cord from the fan that actually makes the fan work... How dumb can I be? lol. The cord and plug for the fan were tucked under the fan/heatsink and not visible, and I remember when originally installing I was like "man I don't know if I have enough cords for this" since the new fan/heatsink had two cables. In any case, I'm pretty stupid :P

    It shows how good the heatsink is when the PC could operate at only slightly-higher-than-average temps when not gaming without any fan on it though. I had an old comp back in the day where the CPU fan failed, and that thing wouldn't last 10 seconds on boot before turning off (barely got past POST before it'd overheat). This system is now running at a cool 20-40C though (idle to full load gaming). Much better!

    It is surprising though that my PC seems to be handling the 3TB drive just fine when I have only BIOS version 10.2, if 2.2TB+ support wasn't even added until 10.4.

    I definitely was not interested in bricking my machine though, so I'm glad I came on here to ask the question :P BIOS flashing is not something I mess with unless absolutely needed.
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