New build, randomly crashing, cpu too hot?

Heya, so i've made a new build pc and im experiencing a few problems under stress with the computer restarting. Upon checking speedfan i was shocked to see a flame by the cpu temperature reading 80 degrees on idle o.O ive restarted into the bios and with the stock fan it was reading 50 roughly. So I mounted a new fan, arctic cooling freezer extreme rev 2, and the temperature in the bios is 35-40 but in speedfan it still reads 80?! Real temp shows each core idle around 37, 54 under stress. What I dont get is when i hit sensor test in real temp then speedfan has a green tick next to my cpu and it reads 47, then back up to 80 once its done?

I just dont understand why its randomly restarting, the build is fine other than this. Are the readings I'm getting out correct? I'm guessing its this thats causing the computer to restart, only happens when playing rift. The gpu temperatures seem alright under stress, 67. I dont understand what the aux reading is in speedfan, but thats at 60 with a flame symbol.

The specs are i7-2600, 8gb 1600 ddr3, asus p8p67 le, nvidia 570, 1tb sata 6gbps and a standard dvdrw. Any help would be greatly appreciated,

P.s The only other thing out of the norm is my 650w psu only has a 4pin connecter to the mobo, but the mobo has an 8pin slot. I don't know if thats important as i havent built a pc since dual core and never had it crop up.

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  1. Speedfan isnt my choice of temperature checkers, try HW Monitor and coretemp, post your idle and your load temps, you can load it up using prime 95.

    Also, what PSU is it, having only a 4 pin implies to me that its an older unit or a cheaper unit.
  2. Ok I ran the prime 95 stress test and took images so you can see, its a bit disorganised but has the programs you mentioned open also speedfan and realtemp.


  3. Oh and sorry forgot the psu thing. It was a cheapo one, an alpine 650w. Didnt know about the whole 8 pin thing :(
  4. Since coretemp, readtemp and HW monitor pretty much agree i would just ignore speedfan all together.

    Those are decent temps and unlikely to be the source of your crashing, so my next theory moves on to the PSU, what PSU in particular is it? Make and model if you can.

    One way to check and see if its the PSU, run Prime95 and Furmark stress test simultaneously, that will put your CPU and your GPU under max load and put the biggest possible power draw on your PSU making it a worst case scenario.

    Edit: I see you posted the PSU, ill look into it
  5. What i can find about that PSU is that it has a single 36A 12V rail, and a single 6 pin PCI-E connector, which means that i assume you had to use an adapter for your GTX 570. Im betting on the PSU being insufficient, overheating, and causing you to shutdown
  6. I was just in the middle of replying saying how stable it seems after 4 mins when it crashed with both prime95 and furmark running. The temperatures were pretty much the same as the previous images under stress, the gpu hung at around 69 degrees. thats the psu, its pretty much what you mentioned but it did have a 4pin that I plugged into the mobo too. Yes I only had 1 6 pin, and my gpu needs 2 so I used an adapter which came with the gpu. So buy a new psu and you think I should be ok? Shall take a trip down to maplins tomorrow and re-run the stress tests. My only worry is could the motherboard be picking up the same readings as speedfan? Cause in the bios after crash it says the cpu temp is 51-52 which is quite higher than the other temperature monitors.
  7. BIOS doesnt have idle modes so the CPU is always running at full speed, unlike in windows where at idle it kicks down to a lower multiplier and voltage to save power and reduce heat, i always expect BIOS temps to be about 10C higher, and after the crash your heatsink was probably still pretty hot.

    Make sure when you get a new PSU you get a good one. If this is the site for maplins i suggest getting a new unit off of ebuyer instead, they dont have a good selection and have no decent brands there

    The Antec HCG-520 will be able to handle a 570, even though it appears to be rated 130W lower, it is rated for more power on the 12V rail than that alpine and its rating is at 50C, unlike that alpine which is probably rated at 25C or 30C.
  8. Maplins truly does suck then. Though they are helpful in a tight spot. what do you think about

    I hate pcworld, but they had 1 of these in stock though I'm not all too sure which one it was (was down earlier for the cpu fan). The second only seems to have 1 6 pin though. If not I'll hold out and get the Antec one off ebuyer.
  9. The OCZ unit is good, and has enough power for your system.
  10. Well thank you for your help with this. I shall ring pcworld and check up on if its the ocz one I had in my hands, if no shall hang out for the antec. Shall let you know if it works :)
  11. Hey hey just brought the OCZ power supply and what do you know, problem solved. 15 minutes with both prime95 and furmark running, result. Thank you muchly for your help hunter :D Guess this is in the wrong catagory too now as the cpu is fine o.O my bad

    Take it easy
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