570gtx or 6970 help me beat this dead horse! a slight twist ...

Hello folks,

Let's beat a dead horse!

I am faced with the prospect of getting either a 570gtx or a 6970. Here is my story.

I am running a phenom II x4 955 (no oc) on a Gigabyte GA-790XTA-UD4 with a 650w Antec Earthwatts. I play most games @ 1920 x 1080. Win 7x64. Mostly play day of defeat source, and Total War games (which I think benchmark better with nVidia than ATI).

In the past I have tended to use ATI, and I recently got a 6850, but have been pretty unhappy with it. Since it's installation, I get random reboots and kernel power failures sometimes when I watch movies. Does not happen very often when gaming, only occasionally, but even occasionally is too much imo. Yep, I've updated all drivers etc etc, I'm just not that happy with the card period, so I am going to RMA. I also had 5770s in CF, but didn't like them really either. They were ok, just a little loud and were Powercolor brand, and the construction seemed cheap. No reboots, etc, but still didn't care much for them.

Really, I was wanting to give nVidia a shot, but my MoBo doesn't have an SLI bridge, and I would probably need a PSU upgrade to do the 570 sli comfortably. I would be more comfortable going with the nVidia if it did, but it is probably moot anyway (see next sentence). I am not 100% sure, but I will probably upgrade to SandyBridge/Bulldozer. That doesn't mean I will want to sell this rig I am on now, but I may want to. I would prefer to have the ability of upgrading another gpu in the future, but I wanted to give the 'quality' of nVidia a try over the 'value' of ATI.

Given that I will most likely do an upgrade in the near future, where I can get an SLI ready mobo, I feel like I should still give nVidia shot given that ATI has left a bad taste in my mouth. I think the benchmarks support a 570gtx at my resolution, and I also am more comfortable with a single card solution (at least to start), but I REALLY like having the xf/sli option available for the future. BUT BUT BUT I will probably upgrade to Sandy/Bull in near future anyway :D.

Sorry to beat the horse, butcher it and grind it up and sell it to underfunded public schools for their lunches . I feel like just writing this has helped me to see my options more clearly, I just wanted to get some opinions as to if you all thought the 570 was still the solid choice in my situation!

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  1. Well seems to me you've already made your mind up.

    Both cards perform similarly and are priced to reflect this so I don't think there's a clear advantage to either card from a price/performce stand point, However given that you've not had a good time with ATI and would like to try an nVidia graphics card then it makes sense to choose the GTX570.
  2. gtx 570 all the way.dx11 and physx both in 1 package.
  3. Seems to me like you've made up your mind already. Just be aware of how you might feel if/when you see the 6970 overtake the 580 in some games with future driver updates (especially crossfire vs sli which is already very close).

    If you can handle that, by all means get the 570.
  4. Yeah, the 6970 will improve with updates but so will the nVidia cards.
    and as of current the 6000 series have better scaling(I know, the tables sure have turned for scaling)
  5. well I just got my auto notify from newegg that the Gigabyte 6970 is now available which makes my choice harder. I am not an ATI or nVidia fanboi, but I am certainly a Gigabyte fanboi. The Gigabyte 6970 was not available when the Gigabyte 570 was available. oh noes :/


    In your opinion, does ATI do more with driver updates than nVidia does with their updates?
  6. No, they are both about the same.

    The reason why the 6970 should improve more with drivers is because it's a brand new architecture. Fermi was new when it was released in April, and in some games the gains have been pretty huge since that time.

    The 570 will gain some fps, but Cayman stands to gain a lot more. Nothing to do with ATI vs nVidia, just because it's a brand new architecture while the 570 is more of a "tweak".
  7. But honestly, just go for the 570. Nothing wrong with a bit of a change every so often if that's what you really want, I just thought you should be aware of what could happen.
  8. Well, given the gains that stand to be made by ATI's new architecture, I may have to look closer! thanks!
  9. Change of heart eh, eyefinity?
  10. I wouldn't base your decision on possible performance improvements via driver updates, i think its likely that in a few months the new 69xx cards would of gained 5-10% more performance in certain games with certain in game settings but its deffinately not something that is certain to happen.
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    plznote said:
    Change of heart eh, eyefinity?

    Nah it's just, if somebody is itching to try out something new, they might as well go ahead and do it. It's not like there are going to be massive differences in the end, probably.
  12. ^^ and I think that is the best answer! Thanks folks!
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  14. Good choice! Good answer too eyefinity.
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