8600 gt problem

hi everyone.
I were modding this card and had short circuit twice in a choke and capacitor. after i've done my modding (and mod was turn off) and turn pc on only thing i were able see was some green and purple pixel and after few seconds some funny thing on screen and then I removed my mod and still was same thing as before. and there's no physical sign of burn out. so anyone can say what's the problem? capacitor or sth else?
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  1. What exactly was the mod?
  2. vmod and it'was turned off by switch when I turned pc on
  3. the card can recognized by windows when i get screen from my another card and gpu-z reading it too
  4. You hard modded your card to increase the voltage? like a pencil mod or something?
  5. yeah with variable resistor. there was nothing wrong with the vmod but card had a few short circuit when i was measuring voltage from card . i think that's the problem not the mod
  6. All I can suggest is you try the card in another PC and if you get no joy then its pretty safe to say its broken.
  7. i'm sure it's broken but i want to repair it
  8. If its still under warranty, you can try and replace it.
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