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Upgrade for EVGA Geforce 7800GT SLi

I have an old gaming machine that I want to upgrade for my son.

ASUS A8N32-SLI Deluxe motherboard
AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400+ Toledo 2.2GHz
OCZ Platinum 2GB RAM
2x EVGA Geforce 7800GT SLi

What would be the best video card to upgrade to and not be a complete CPU bottleneck?

Thank you!
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  1. Radeon 5670 would be equally as great but anything higher than this and you might get bottlenecked.

    5670$90=$80 after MIR

    What type of Power Supply do you have?(Make/model)
  2. Yes that's right,but that GTS 450 is a killer deal.
  3. I am just going to toss this out there, but that old Athlon is pretty slow by todays standards. Adding a new modern GPU is going to help some, but don't expect miracles from that processor at 2.2 ghz. I agree that for the price, that 450 would be a great value for this system, it will add better shaders, higher direct X capabilities, but performance wise that processor is going to rain on the parade a little I am afraid.
  4. I believe the 5670 would fair well with an athalon 2.2ghz but if you think you need something with less power then i would suggest a Radeon 5570.

    Radeon 5570 $70=55 after MIR

    I have a 5570 and it performs well for such a small card.I play games like L4D,BF2,Starcraft2 and many other DX9 games almost maxed out but i also have a Phenom iix4.Still the 5570 packs a great punch in a small package.It has DX11 if you ever need it.

    EDIT:What is your budget for the GPU? Maybe just getting a cheap Athalon ii x2 or x3 would make that computer last longer.
  5. Here is the power supply:

    Budget is about $100 for the GPU.

    Just looking for swapping the video cards out and maybe the CPU if I can find an AMD FX60 for a decent price.

    Just trying to prolong the life of this computer a little bit, with as little as possible. :)

    Just to clarify, 1x ATI 5670 or 1x GTS 450 would be better then the 2x 7800 GT SLi.
  6. What socket is the mobo? Is 939 in anyway compatiable with AM2?
    Was looking at the prosseseros and the budget could be possible for both but i need to know the socket type.$50 for the prossesor and $70=$60 for the Gpu.With a new prossesor it could extend the life of it for another 2years depending on the PSU and how old that is.

    Yes, x1 of each would be way better than a 7800gt sli
  7. The socket is 939, and on my other thread, the fastest for my board would be the FX60, which is 2.6ghz.

    Here's a link to my mobo over at NewEgg

    The life of this entire setup has been 5 years.
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    Well i still stand by my reccomendation for the 5670.

    That is a great board otherwise i would say to get a newer cheap one with only a single slot x16 so you could get one of the newer chips.I would say not to buy the FX60 if it's only going to give you 400mhz more,when you can probably obatin that through an O.C., although they are cheap.
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  10. Thank you all for your help!!! :)

    I'll try OCing the cpu, and will get one of the cards suggested.
  11. I would suggest buying a cheap $30 after market cooler if you are going to O.C. only so much a stock cooler can handle.That is if you don't have one already.

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