SearchOnMe webpage redirect virus problem?

After a month since I install windows 8 pro on my mother's laptop, a Lenovo IdeaPad Y450 I realize internet explorer is not opening msn but this SearhOnMe website. I tried everthing "how to" remove this but the files that I suppose to delete is not there. I wipe the hard drive clean twice still the virus cameback, installed Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 full version but it did not detect it. What I have to do to not make this virus cameback. Also this virus disable windows firewall so I cannot install app downloaded from store.
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  1. Try malwarebytes, free. It's worked for me before. That's a nasty one but I've removed it from my client's computers.
  2. reinstall windows 8.
  3. I don't think, it's a virus. Just go to control panel / internet options an change the homepage back to msn or whatever you like.
    For the problem with the downloaded apps, we need more info. What exactly is the problem? Error message?
  4. He's wiped the drive clean twice, I assumed that meant he's re-installed windows twice. It's not really a virus it's a browser hijacker. Probably comes back when he visits some favorite site. But I know malwarebytes + what noidea says about changing the home page is the best bet. By the way, I've seen this when clients visit "coupon" sites, highly likely on a "mother's laptop".....
  5. First, I tried malwarebytes and does not work, second after clean install windows 8 I always monitor internet explorer and windows firewall and is ok but after searchonme came internet explorer slow down windows firewall cannot be turn on and slow boot time. about the store apps is when its installing apps is says cannot install this app because windows firewall is turn off and I cannot turn it on.

    Changing the homepage will just remove the redirect but not the other problems
  6. Try the avg rescue disk. Has a similar issue on a family members laptop about a month ago and it's been running strong since. I personally like to boot from rescue disks for any all malware / virus removal. Seems like to much gets left behind otherwise... Imo
  7. After a fresh install always load anti-virus first. AVG rescue disk is a good idea.
  8. sorry but what is an rescue disk and does Kaspersky have it? How do I use it?
  9. From a good working computer (not your infected one) make a CD or USB (whichever is more convenient for you) of an iso from this site:

    Instructions are under "How it works" at this site:

    Boot your infected PC with it and run the anti-virus.
  10. What do you mean it came back after reinstall windows? before you install any apps? You might be downloading/install something that have SearchOnMe
  11. this should be easy to remove with Hijack this From Trend Micro
    Look for a toolbar or BHO (browser helper object) with the searchonme name.

    reset proxy settings in ie10

    i cant see how it could survive a reload or why in windows 8 you would need to reload considering it has features Restore, Refresh and Reset to restore the pc to pre virus state.
  12. Ok here's my plan. wipe the hard drive, reinstall windows 8 Pro, reinstall Office 2013, install Kaspersky Internet security 2013, restore activation for windows and office using advance token manager, install all update using a wired internet connection.

    Will this work?
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    No, don't install anything after you load windows until you have anti-virus installed and all the updates applied and windows activated. You never know what's on your office install disks, that may be where the problem is coming from. Please be patient and do it right.
  14. Sorry but everything have been done before reading your post. Anyway, the office installition file have been scan by kaspersky internet security 2013.

    If the problem return, i try using your way.

    I'm really really sorry.
  15. Kaspersky is crap. So is AVG. Try Nod32, and while we're at it, why are you using Internet Explorer? I know version 10 is not so bad right now, but it seems like it's part of the problem. Is this thing hijacking other browsers? Try using Firefox instead.
  16. I use Kaspersky internet security 2013 because I have an unused 2012 cd key, don't want to waste it. If I install firefox, the hijacker just hijack firefox no difference but right now after wiping the hard disk using diskpart repartition it using minitool, install all the update and Kaspersky before any other program accept office 2013 everything is just running great!!!
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  18. After trying all the different solutions I could find online (with NOTHING working) I decided to uninstall Google Chrome. After the uninstall I restarted the PC and then re-installed chrome and guess what, the problem is gone. I don't know if this a permanent solution but it seems to be working for me right now.
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