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I'm trying to run my two PCs on the same Samsumg P2450H monitor, one connected via the HDMI socket and one via the DVI socket. One PC runs Windows XP and the other Windows 7, both with ATI cards. Both machines are running at the native 1920x1080 resolution

When I try either machine connected via the DVI input on the monitor, they both look great with sharp text and the correct desktop size.

When I try either machine connected via the HDMI input on the monitor, the text looks fuzzy and I have a black border round the desktop. When I change the overscan to be 0% to stop the fuzziness, the desktop is now too big to see it all and I get a 1cm clip around the screen. If I set the overscan so that the desktop fills the monitor screen, I still have fuzzy text due to the scaling.

Can anybody explain why the HDMI input is so poor compared to the DVI input? Why I am having overscan issues with one and not the other? I thought they were meant to be the same picture wise.

Is it the case that I will have to buy a DVI switch box and just use that input?

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  1. Why do you want use 2 PC on the same monitor?!!
  2. Quote:
    Why do you want use 2 PC on the same monitor?!!
    I think its pretty common to share a single monitor between two PCs either using a switch box or multiple inputs on the monitor.

    So nobody can explain why the DVI and HDMI inputs are behaving so differently?
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