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Highpitched noise from motherboard usb2 ports


There is a faint high pitched noise emanating from the usb2 ports of my gigabyte Z68X-UD3H-B3 motherboard. I know the noise is from these ports because it occurs when i connect any peripheral to them, and disappears when I disconnect the peripheral. Additionally, no noise occurs when i connect peripherals to the usb3 ports. I have found this post;, but am not sure how to do what it says in my bios, and am worried about causing long term harm to my computer. Any insights from the community would be much appreciated.

My specs are:

i5 2500K
2 x 4gb corsair vengeance 1600
corsair tx v2 650W PSU
WD 500gb caviar blue HDD
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    Don't worry the PC is not going to be harmed in the long run.
    Here is how you go about it.
    Boot the rig, get into the BIOS.
    - Go into MB Intelligent Tweaker (MIT)
    - In that menu goto Advanced Frequency Settings
    - In that menu goto Advanced CPU Core Features
    Look down in that section you will see CPU Enhanced Halt (C1E) and just below it C3/C6 State Support.
    Disable both of them.

    Press F10 to Save and Exit the BIOS.
    Let the rig boot into windows and see if you get that sound from the USB again.
    Confirm and let us know.
  2. Thank you very much for your response.

    I did as you said, through the gigabyte touch bios. It is a very subjective experience, and as such is difficult to judge, but it seems as though the noise has reduced marginally in the sense that it is no longer continuous, but rather intermittent. I did some reading after posting the question and came upon a phenomena known as "coil whine" which is when capacitors vibrate at such a frequency that they become audible. I wonder if this the cause of the problem?

    Additionally, do you know which is the newest bios for the gigabyte Z68X-UD3H-B3 (rev 1.3)? perhaps this will resolve the issue.

    Thanks again
  3. The latest BIOS is a Beta BIOS which I wouldn't suggest you install (F11G)
    You could go for the F10 which was released on the 10th December 2011.
    Not very old.
    And you can get it from here
  4. Coil Whine and screeching capacitors are usually a trait of GPUs, you have already specified the noise as coming from the USB ports when connected. That itself rules out the Coil Whines since no high power capacitors are around the USB sockets.... so it's a really far fetched thing actually. More to do with the Link that you posted, we need to work on those lines....
  5. Wow! thanks so much for all the help :) .

    Having just turned on my pc the sound is no longer there, lets hope it stays that way! How will the changes made in the bios affect the performance of my computer? I tried to find out online and from what I understand, it basically means that my cpu never rests even when my computer is completely idle. Is there anything I have missed.

    Thanks again for your help
  6. No your CPU will rest when it's idle and not working, it's just a energy saving feature that you have switch off.
  7. The bios change has also reduced the static/crackling noise from my front panel headphones, a two birds with one stone situation :) .

    cheers alyoshka.
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