Power Issue - DELL Inspiron 5160

I have scoured the search engines for something to lead me in the right direction, can anyone please help me?

I have a Dell Inspiron 5160 that I just recieved a new AC Adapter for. This laptop has been sitting in my closet for around 2 years, worked fine when I let a friend borrow the AC Adapter (That friend was deployed to Germany and forgot to return my old AC Adapter).

I have removed the ram recently to see how much memory i needed to get to conform to todays demands (only had 256mb, i ordered 2 1gb sticks to max it's memory allowance and to allow photoshop install).

I plugged in the new adapter, and the green light was lit, so I plugged it into the laptop, which went 2 years without a charge prior to, and 2 green lights lit on the front, the power light and the charge light, both solid.

I assumed this was proper, so I let it charge overnight.

Woke up this morning and attempted to turn on the laptop, nothing happened, same 2 lights (power, charge) stayed solid with no change, no cpu fan, no post screen.

I unplugged the AC Adapter, attempted to turn on the laptop, same deal as mentioned on the line above 2 lights stayed solid even through unplugging.

I removed the battery which wasn't warm or hot, since there were no indicator lights on the battery itself, i plugged in the adapter without the battery installed. same 2 lights turned on and were solid.

I assume one of the following:

1. there is a conflict on the laptop itself and there is a reference to the indicator light configuration, which i haven't found yet.

2. ram is bad, or somehow got statically messed up.

3. battery is in need of replacement after 2 years of no charge.

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  1. Does your battery have self test. You should be able to power the system with out the battery. Did you get the exact same power converter you had to begin with usually there is a lower power version and HIGHER POWER VERSION.
  2. Make sure you have a 130 Watts AC Adapter for this. 19.5V 6.7A minimum. And, plug in the adapter first (10 seconds), before starting the computer.
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