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I want to upgrade my sound for my system because I recently bought analog Razer Carcharias and found out that my motherboard wont play any sound if the green jack is connected in the rear but if I plug in a 3.5mm microphone jack that does work and the front plugs do work for sound. This happens with my other headphones so I know it's a mobo problem not a headset/headphone problem. Because it was brought to my attention, I decided to upgrade the sound of my system.

So, I was wondering if I buy a sound card like this one will it allow my headset to use 5.1 or 7.1 simulated surround sound and/or make the sound noticeably better? Also will a sound card improve the quality of the sound from the mic if it is connected?

Or should I just get a sound processor and connect it to the motherboard and headset since my motherboard already has the digital optical (surround sound) input in the back.

I'm willing to spend around $80-$90 to improve the sound of my system. I just want to improve the sound with 5.1 or 7.1 so I have a better experience in games, watching movies and listening to music.

Any help or feedback is appreciated and thank you for reading.
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  1. I would get a good xfi or one of the auzentechs if your interested in Audio quality, they will be much better than onboard audio
  2. For that price range, here's a nice option

    The drivers might let you simulate surround sound, but it won't be true 5.1. I would say it wouldn't make that much difference, but you do have a good excuse since the onboard is dead :).
  3. Well I don't mind if it's simulated because I've never heard real 5.1or 7.1. Will a sound card also improve the quality of my mic once i plug it in?
  4. Most sound cards don't have input, so you'd have to plug the mic into elsewhere, unfortunately.
  5. Well luckily the mobo's mic jack still works. Thanks for everything.
  6. jbakerlent said:
    Most sound cards don't have input, so you'd have to plug the mic into elsewhere, unfortunately.
    sorry to contradicy but most of them do.
    all the creative range have mic jacks as do the asus xonar range.

    as for the ops problem he probably has the mic and mid audio hooked up wrong on the mother board. or set wrong in the audio panel.
  7. Whoops, thanks for the correction! (Clearly I haven't had many soundcards :pfff: )
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