Sapphire 6870 Gen 1 or 2? (szala's question)

This was the exact question I was asking myself! For someone interested in OC'ing the card and concerned about heat, is sapphire's second gen card really better? I have heard rumors that it was designed to be but cannot find info even from Sapphire's site. They don't reference the two cards stating the purpose behind the newer generation, and on newegg there have been 2 who bought the second gen and over 100 that bought the first so its hard to get an idea from feedback.

Sapphire's 1st Gen (100314-SR)

Sapphire's 2nd Gen (100314-2SR)

Any help would be greatly appreciated because I am ready to purchase this card as long as I dont buy the wrong one.
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  1. Neither get the XFX 6870
  2. Ok, and it has a lifetime warranty over Sapphire's 3yrs.
  3. Where do you live?
    Is sapphire the only brand that you want?
    XFX offer lifetime warranty if you register it within 30 days...
  4. Lol, I decided to go with the XFX 6870. I had a friend pushing me towards the Sapphire so I was interested in the different gen's especially seeing the the first gen was a ref card and the second was not. But like you stated, the XFX does have a lifetime warranty compared to sapphire's 3 years. So end the end this is definitely the better way to go since XFX is a reputable manufacturer. It's on its way as we speak :)
  5. okay, enjoy your card... :)
  6. thanks!
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