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GPU suggestion for 3 1680x1050 monitors in eyefinity setup.

Any card suggestions that would allow me to play games across all 3 screens @ 5040x1050?

Only thing limiting my option that I can think of would be my PSU which is only 550w.

The games I play are Black Ops, BF2, Dark Age of Camelot.
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  1. Which brand is your PSU?
  2. 550W isn't tell us any detail about your PSU, we need brand name and model...
    Also, specification of all your components will greatly help us. :)
  3. PSU is an Antec Neopower 550, Core I7 920 CPU, EVGA X58 mobo, 6 gig Corsair Dominator ram. Running two 8800GTS 512 SLI too, but this will go when I get a new card.
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    Grab an HD6950. Later on when you upgrade your powersupply add another one.
  5. ^+1
    HD6950 is the best choice.
  6. Would there be one brand to lean towards or one to stay away from? Last ATI card I purchased was a Sapphire 9700 Pro.
  7. Right now they're all the same. Sapphire is fine, XFX/ASUS/MSI are great too.
  8. Thanks for the help.
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