4870 crashing, D601 light on

My Radeon 4870 has been crashing constantly lately. The computer will not shut down, but the monitor just loses signal.

From the moment I turn my computer on, the D601 red LED light is on. I have looked in GPU-Z and the temperature is at a constant 44C right now with the light on. Its like in the 60s in load. The card usually crashes when I'm playing games, but it has also crashed randomly when I'm just browsing the internet. I also often hear a faint screeching/squeeling sound coming from the video card during normal use. I'm pretty sure that temperatures aren't the problem though because I have a good third party heatsink + fan.

D601 is supposed to be power issue, but I have a good Corsair 750W which I think should be enough... here are my specs

8gb DDR2
80gb OCZ Vertex 2 Solid State Drive
500gb Hitachi drive

Everything except the SSD is about 2 years old, and I never had this problem until about 2 months ago. The SSD is about 3 or 4 months old.

What could the problem be? Also, should I cease using my computer until I fix this problem? I can usually run it okay with not too many crashes when I need it for work... but the constant high pitched noise and red light makes me afraid I am destroying it...
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  1. How many 6pin does your PSu has?
    You can try different 6pin power connector for your HD4870 (needs 2x 6pin).
    Also, updating the driver with the latest one might help, just try it.
  2. My PSU has a bunch of 6pin PCI-E connectors. I plugged in new ones, and the problem has not been solved. Please note that like I said, this card has worked well for almost 2 years so I don't think it would be a problem of me having anything connected wrong or something.

    I updated to the latest drivers, didn't help.
  3. Well, just to make sure this is isn't an overheating, try install this software and tell us your card temps at idle and full load:
  4. I appreciate your help, but, again, like I said in my original post: I have had GPU-Z installed this whole time, and it idles at around 44C. Load is in the 60s.
  5. I'm sorry, I miss read that (again), doh...
    Are you installed something (sound card, wi-fi card or programs) lately?
    Try reseat the card and make sure it running at x16.
  6. I installed a new 3rd party heat sink and fan on my video card, could it possibly be related to that? And it is running at x16.
  7. It could be, make sure the 4pin for the card fan is properly connected and all VRAM are covered by heatsink. I can't think any other possibilities.
  8. The 4pin is definitely connected, and I'm pretty sure all the VRAM are covered (from what I could see, though most are under the heatsink. But I'm 99% sure).

    But wouldn't those issues cause the card to run hot? The temps are fine, its just the D601 power issue.
  9. That's strange, but to be sure, you can try using the old heatsink, if the problem stop then you can blame that new heatsink for causing all this trouble...
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