How many case fans do i need ,of which control type and where 2 place?

Hi guys, first time here :)

I have a question about fans. this is my first build (on paper, have'nt bought the components yet) it is costy, but I think it will fullfil my expected uses ,as listed bellow, brilliantlly for the next 5 years:

CPU:Intel core i-5 2500 3.3 GHz ,6 MB (with GPU core max resolution 1920X1200)
RAM:6 GB DDR3 1333MHz
MB:Gigabyte H67MA-UD2H-B3(has H/W monitoring including all fans, supports EasyTUNE software; form factor: micro ATX)
SC: on board 7.1 channel
LAN: On Board 1 x Realtek RTL8111E chip (10/100/1000 Mbit)‎
(for the next 6 months going to surf wireless with external high gain antenna with a USB interface)
HDD: 1 X 7200 rpm 16 MB SATA3 500 GB
ODD: 1X DVD+-RW x22 SATA interface
PSU: Seasonic S12II Bronze 520 W (has a fan)
CASE:Thermaltake Dokker Midi Tower Series Black Case
VM600M1W2Z‎ (built in rear exhusting fan of 1300rpm,17dBA)
has place for additional 6 fans:
bottom: 1x120mm + 1x80mm intake
top: 1x120 mm + 1x200 mm exhaust
side: 1x120 mm intake
front: 1x120 mm intake
(2 at bottom, 2 at top, 1 sidal, 1 at front)
CPU FAN: Arctic Freezer13 92 mm‎ PWM controlled
internal 3.5'' card reader
OS: Windows7 64 bit

the case fans i was thinking about: Arctic Cooling Arctic F12 Pro PWM 120mm or TC controlled or physiclly manully controlled(don't know yet..but if I am going to add fans, i think they should be controlled for noise and energy reasons)

1. (most of the time) as a work station for my business which requires dual 22" monitor hook up, running Microsoft SQL SERVER, running Microsoft IIS as a local host, running Microsoft Visual Studio, programming and running web and desktop applications with this tools (relatively simple applications for now and on Windows) while being aided by online research, skype and MS Office operating at the same time. i will frequently use USB ports and probably eSATA2 for backups. The computer will be on from morning to night.

2. as a HTPC -i'd like to watch movies and hook up sorround speakers in the future (my MB supports Dolby home theater), also thinking of buying an external TV tuner.

3. i don't really game...

I used an online power consumption calculator that said consumption will be 375watt but i think it's better to leave some margin and go for a 520watt PSU.

Taking all that into account, do i need additional cooling (other than the CPU fan, case rear fan, PSU fan to ensure long and lasting life for my hardware?

I was thinking of placing intaking 120 mm fans at the front and side of case,
and 2 exhausting 120 mm fans at top and behind the HDD, is that too much, are case fans just for gamers? if not, what positioning would you suggest?
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  1. Case fans are for anyone who wants to keep the system cool, sidenote a cool system works better and is more stable
    rough guide is any fans at front side or bottom of case are intakes,
    rear and top exhausts, larger fans are quieter than small ones

    Thats a nice-looking case and if it were me.....
    120/140 in the front at bottom <intake>
    120/140' and a 200 in the roof <exhaust>
    nothing on the sidemesh,nothing in the bottom
    120/140 at the rear <exhaust>
    I say 120/140 as if you you can fit a 140 it would be better/quieter but 120's are fine
    pay attention when buying your fans to the cfm rating, a higher number moves more air equals better cooling
    Good idea on the 'overkill' psu, I always give a decent amount of headroom to account for upgrades and aging, although I think a decent 500w is more inline with that build and allows for any changes well
  2. thanks a lot for the super fast answer. i feel better now looking at case fans :) still, wouldn't you place a fan behind the HDD?
  3. Not if it wasn't required, I'd say that fans inside the case itself as opposed to on the edges (although inside technically) disrupt airflow more than help it
    nothing to stop you having one, checking temps then removing it and seeing the difference,if any
    if you dont try you'll not find out :)
    P.S. thinking about one of those cases for next build now so thank you for that :)
  4. Sure :)

    althogh... I won't actually be the one buillding it (I don't have that knowledge yet), but still it's the first time i look in and decide on all parts, i didn't know exsisted up until 3 weeks ago, by myself- right to the fan positioning level...

    So, I won't have the courage to open the case and replace fans in near future, but I'm hoping to grow the confidence...hopefully my next computer will be entirely my build ;)

    What do you think about my system's abillity to do the job, I meant to write: I hope it will fullfil my expected uses brilliantly for the next 5 years (having investing so much money...)?
  5. I think that will perform your tasks no problem dependant on the draw on resources of the server side of things, not up on sql etc sorry but I can see it lasting you well,
    As long as you observe anti-static precautions, theres nothing stopping you opening the case, even if its just to gaze at the shinies inside :P
    I assume you have a plan for backup drives if its a business pc?
    I run a drive in my pc, a storage drive as backup in there, and an external drive that I backup then put away for a month, plus everythings mirrored on a laptop
    your business data is valuable, dont lose it
  6. At first, i thought of buying 2 HDD'S and configuring them to RAID1 (the MB supports that) ,but i think i'll use only external drives for backups on daily-basis for now. I know, not the most comfortable...

    Having addressing that, it is possible to switch to a RAID1 configuration at any time, isn't it? and can it be done by software only (like EasyTune), or some physical modification is needed as well?
  7. You have to install Windows onto a raid setup as far as I'm aware so its fresh install everytime you want to swap over,
  8. bommer :(
  9. Hey, Moto. You overlooked fan direction.

    Basic rule of thumb:
    Front and side fans - intake
    Back and top - exhaust
    I do not recommend bottom mounted fans.

    epnina, if you later decide to mount extra fans, you will usually find an arrow indicating direction of airflow somewhere on the housing. Also, the label on the fan hub is on the exhaust side.
  10. hehe, not like me to forget that Jsc, I'll edit original post to reflect mate, thanks
    **More Editing**
    I did actually mention direction on my original post hehe, **rough guide is any fans at front side or bottom of case are intakes,
    rear and top exhausts, larger fans are quieter than small ones **

  11. thanks guys,

    Indeed Moto's reply was profound :love:

    I know I'll get one for the front, one for the rear, one for the top.
    Still pondering wether to put an additional exhaust on the top as Moto suggested, or one for intake on the side. Is the front intake's enough intake? I kinda dropped the idea of one behind the HDD.
  12. Those three should do you fine and yes the 120 at the front should give you plenty of fresh air, the main focus is getting hot air out
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