Will this psu work?

I have a 485 watt PSU, and I am wondering if an gtx 480 will work in it? I read that you need 2 6 pin connectors and when I opened up my box and looked, I see I have 2 6 pin connectors but they seem to be running off the same wire harness, near the top there's 1 6 pin connector then about 3 or 4 inch's higher on the same harness theres another one at the tip. Is this normal? are these considered 2 6 pin or is it only one with 2 points where I can connect?
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  1. and if the gtx 480 wont work, what about a 470?
  2. 485W units are uncommon, the only two i could find were HEC units, which i would not run a GTX 480 off of. Post the make and model of the PSU along with the max load on the 12V rails if it lists it, that will tell us if it can really handle a GTX 480.
  3. We need more info about your PSU, brand? model?
    Usually, 485W PSU can't run GTX480 properly.
    BTW, why do you want GTX480? You'll better with newer card like GTX470 of HD6870.
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