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i have problem for printing in win7 becouse my printer software is Minolta PagePro 1100, i dont have its software for win7 64bit i cant print documents in win7 please help my to find its software!!!!!
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  1. What windows do u have?
  2. That is an ANCIENT printer. Minolta released that model in.... 2001? I remember that printer having problems under XP because the drivers were only released for 98/ME. Under XP, it would continuously report "cover open" errors for no reason. If you called Minolta back in the day with that problem, they'd replace the printer no questions asked with a 1250W. It's a well documented problem, and someone released a fix for it, but it never worked quite right. I still have one somewhere, but it's useless with the driver bug. I seriously doubt you're going to get a Win 7 X64 driver for it, being it's a software driven printer, and was released in 2001.

    Here's a forum thread from 2002 with people complaining about it.

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