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I dont know too much about Graphics cards, besides that I need them to play the games I like, lol. So when using Speccy to look at my system info i noticed temperatures for the graphics card and hard drives.

The hard drives are running about 45 degrees celsius at all times doesnt really go up or down much maybe just a degree up or down once in awhile.

The graphics card, which is an Nvidia GeForce 6200 512mb AGPx8, runs at about 40-41 degrees celsius when I'm not doing much, and at a high of 48 degrees celsius when I am playing a game like world of warcraft.

Like I said I dont know too much about graphics cards or the temperatures they are supposed to run at. Is 41 degrees celsius (105.8 farenheit) with low activity and 48 degrees celsius (118.4 farenheit) when gaming good temperatures or are these too high?
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  1. LOL, nothing to worry about. Most graphics cards can run fine past 80C.
  2. 48c is alright. My card runs at 65c when gaming, and that's considered very good. You'll start worrying when your card hits 85c.
  3. Thank you very much for your quick response. Like I said I know very little about how graphics cards work. I know a bit about the inner workings of the computer as I took some A+ classes, but I never really got into graphics cards as I usually only play games such as Starcraft or World of Warcraft.

    I am using a Dell Dimension 4600, Intel Pentium 4 - 2.9gz single core processor, 250g hard drive, Nvidia GeForce 6200 512mb AGPx8 graphics card, and Soundblaster Live sound card. So as you can see my hardware is a bit out of date, but it does what I need (play World of Warcraft), and because of that and the fact I am on a tight budget I haven't upgraded to a newer system. Because of that I just like to know everything is running smoothly with my system as I would not be able to afford to replace or upgrade anything. At the moment I'm getting an average of 27 FPS in game, with a high of 47 FPS in low detailed/action areas, and a low of 20-22 FPS in high detailed/action areas. This is with all the settings on low or disabled except view distance, environment detail and spell detail which I have halfway up to the "good" setting. This FPS is about what I expected with the system I am using. Putting all the options at their highest level gives me about 7-9 FPS wherever I go, lol.

    Anyways, thanks again for your timely response, I appreciate the time you took to get back to me, and I apologize for my rambling.
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